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Ask Jericho: What Are The Best Countertops For The Price?

In the Kansas City area of the country, many homeowners begin thinking about kitchen remodeling around this time of year.

Or, if you’re operating on a somewhat limited budget, but you still need that wow factor: Kitchen Refinishing.

In either case, updating countertops is one of the first elements they want to tackle because they’re an effective way to make your kitchen feel refreshed and more refined. New countertops alone can sometimes make a kitchen space FEEL new.

The only question becomes, what material should you use?

There’s such a wide variety of options and manufacturers these days; it can be a bit intimidating at first.

So, we get a lot of calls asking us,

“What are the best countertops for the price?”

Here at Jericho, we focus on Granite Countertops.

More so than other kinds of lower-quality countertop materials, they add uniqueness to your kitchen. They add an element of sophistication. And, depending on certain variables, they can come across as downright luxurious.

But let’s dig into why we feel granite is the best material for the price over the long run.

Let’s begin with an image of a kitchen remodel we did for a local Kansas City family. You can find this one and many more by visiting our Kitchen Gallery.


What do you notice about the new granite countertops in that kitchen?

Here are a few details to consider:

  • The color contrasts in relation to the a) darker stained cabinetry and b) glossy wood flooring.
  • The thickness of the slabs for both the island and main countertop area.
  • How it looks under the specific kinds of lighting and lighting fixtures they chose with our designers.
  • The granular texture of the granite in relation to all the smooth surfaces around it (compared to marble which tends to have a
  • softer look thanks to being made of veiny, flowing, mineral patterns).

Reason #1: Granite Is INCREDIBLY Durable

Under “normal” use and conditions, granite should have no problem performing in your kitchen. Forget about chipping. Forget about scratching. Forget about cracking. Did you know granite is one of the hardest materials we humans have discovered — second only to diamonds?
Does that mean it’s impervious? No. Cutting boards and other basic precautions are necessary to keep granite in great-looking condition. It’s also important, well critical that these countertops be installed correctly with proper support brackets.

Reason #2: Granite Is A More Affordable Luxury

The prices of granite for countertops ranges depending on who you work with, the quality you choose, the specific type, thickness, and of course, installation. That being said, it’s considered a highly affordable countertop material.

When you’re on a tight budget or stretching every dollar of a Full Kitchen Remodeling project, granite simply can’t be overlooked. There are also granite tiles to consider as well. Just keep in mind that longevity is a part of the overall value: 30+ years easy!

Reason #3: They Add Sizeable ROI To Your Home’s Value

Pretend you’re getting ready to buy a new home and everything about them is the same—except the kitchens. In one of the kitchens, there are gorgeous, well-maintained, and unique granite countertops that really give it a wonderful presence. The other kitchen has great appliances and lighting but average ordinary PVC-based countertops.

Which would you go with? The choice is rather obvious.

Across the board, investments in granite countertops are popular, and they deliver. You get your investment back and increase home value at the same time.

Reason #4: Say It Again: Affordable Uniqueness

This feature simply cannot be overstated: each and every granite countertop is unique. And while with other materials like marble, for example, there are only so many aesthetic options. With granite, it’s limitless.

Will it be tough finding one to match your tastes and the rest of your kitchen then? Absolutely not! Keep in mind these countertops become centerpieces, not mere accessories.

Next Step: Contact Jericho & Let’s Talk Granite

We could go on and get much deeper into the subject of granite countertops or countertops in general, but we’ve found that once Kansas City homeowners like you are ready, you’d rather talk to us directly.

We’ll be happy to answer all your questions, talk pricing with you, walk you through the details, and get to know your remodeling goals. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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