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Sometimes homeowners have a hard time telling one Kansas City kitchen and bathroom contractor from another. What criteria can you use to judge between them?

Not knowing how to truly judge a contractor can lead to the error of basing a decision solely on who has the lowest quote.

While price is always a factor, if you automatically select the cheapest bid, you’re likely heading for disappointing results.

So the question is: are there independent facts you can use to decide on the right Kansas City kitchen and bath remodeling contractor for you?

Yes there are. Here’s 6 guidelines you can use to determine the quality of any contractor:

Guideline #1: A Real Guarantee In Writing

No one begins a kitchen or bathroom remodel thinking about it going badly and ending up with unacceptable results. But it’s only smart to know that your protected from getting a lousy remodel.

The best way to be sure is to ask about a guarantee. Do they have one and are they willing to put it in writing? And how far does the guarantee go – is it a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Here’s the Jericho Home Improvements Guarantee:

If something goes wrong with your home improvement project that cannot be fixed through reasonable measures, we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee – IN WRITING.

To learn more about how we stand behind our work, please visit our Workmanship page.

Guideline #2 Design Services

Any high-quality Kansas City kitchen or bathroom contractor will have professional design services. If any contractor tries to tell you that a sketch or a graph paper drawing counts as professional design, you should consider that a red flag.

Jericho Home Improvements offers professional design on every project. In fact, we take it a step further by giving you a free design consultation on your very first appointment. It will be done using our exclusive design software so you’ll be able to give us feedback on the spot.

For more about this, visit our Professional Design Consultation page.

Guideline #3 Fully Licensed and Insured

You might think this guideline shouldn’t even be necessary, but unfortunately many contractors fail to get proper licensing and insurance.

An improperly insured company is a risk to the homeowner because any uncovered liability from an injury on your property, could become a claim on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Guideline #4 References

References say a lot about a contractor, and at Jericho Home Improvements, we can give you a list of 100 recent references.

Obviously, you’re probably not going to call every reference on the list. But it does give you lots of choices. And you can call anyone on the list and ask them about their experience with us – we’re that confident of the work we do.

If a kitchen or bathroom contractor is only willing to give you a small handful of references – probably the same 3 or 4 they give everyone – that can be a warning sign. Always work with a contractor with a proven track record.

Guideline #5 The Better Business Bureau Rating

Speaking of a proven track record, you should always check the rating of your contractor with the BBB. Jericho Home Improvements has the highest possible rating: A+.

Guideline #6 No Sub-Contractors

This is the most important guideline. There’s nothing as crucial as who will be doing the installation of your remodel.

Most Kansas City kitchen and bathroom contractors use sub-contractors to complete a remodeling project.

With sub-contractors, you can’t have the same accountability you can with your own employees. And using sub-contractors also leads to unnecessary delays, because these sub-contracted crews are often juggling multiple jobs.

At Jericho, we do things differently. We’ve built our own team of Master Installers who work for us. They are well-trained, experienced, and know they are responsible to meet our high installation standards on every project.

Ready To Get Started?

If you want a Kansas City kitchen and bathroom contractor you can trust, we’d love to speak with you about your project. Take advantage of our free design services by contacting us.

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