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Here’s What To Know About That “Bargain” Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel

 It’s the time of year where you’ll see Kansas City home improvement companies advertising holiday sales or end-of-the year special discounts. It’s always great to look for helpful ways to save money, but homeowners are often not told the full story about holiday sales on kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

Of course, sometimes realistic discounts and promotions are true and worth exploring. But before you say ‘yes’ to a holiday bargain, use the following information.

Here are five key things Kansas City home improvement companies don’t tell you about their holiday sales:

#1. Bargain prices almost always mean bargain results.

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, it all comes down to the results. If you save money up front, but get lukewarm results – is that really a bargain worth taking?

After all, the final results are going to be your environment each and every day in your home going forward. The beauty and durability of the project are also going to factor heavily into how much value your remodel adds to your home.

#2. Cheaper materials are not a holiday sale; they’re just cheap.

You might wonder how a Kansas City home improvement company can afford to offer a big holiday sale and stay in business. One of the ways is to take shortcuts on the quality of the materials that are installed.

This has the benefit of lowering the price, but at too big a cost in the long run. You’ll have permanently installed mediocre products in your new kitchen and bathroom that lessen its beauty and won’t be as durable.

We wouldn’t call that a holiday sale; it’s more like an excuse to sell you on poor products.

#3. Companies that offer a sale price often hire installers they don’t have to pay very much.

The other major way a Kansas City home improvement company can lower prices and call it a holiday sale is to find ways to cut their labor costs.

The main way that’s done is by using sub-contractors or even temporary, unskilled laborers. That is a cheaper alternative to hiring their own staff of Master Installers, for sure.

But there’s a reason it costs more – Master Installers are better at what they do! And Master Installers who work directly for a remodeler can better be held to high quality installation standards.

In the end, getting a “holiday sale price” at the cost of a sloppy installation or delays caused by sub-contractors, is something you may not have bargained for.

For more about the problems with sub-contracting, please visit Our Workmanship page.

#4. Be aware of pricing games.

Here’s another thing that can happen with holiday remodeling sales: it sometimes turns out there really aren’t any big savings at all. The sale is more based on pricing games and hiding costs up front.

For example, a home improvement company can artificially inflate a price, and then give you a “discount” off that marked up cost. Another thing that happens is an inaccurate estimate that seems to go up constantly as the project moves forward.

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#5. Your good sense and judgement are better than any holiday sale.

All of the above points can be summed up in an old saying: “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.” Homeowners are sometimes so eager for a holiday discount that it can override what is normally their good sense and judgement.

Don’t let that happen to you. If a remodeling company is offering you a fair price and sweetens it with some bonus holiday savings, by all means consider it. But if your common sense is telling you what they are offering you is a lower price for lower quality, than don’t let the enticement of a holiday sale override your good judgement.

Summary: If a Kansas City home improvement company is offering a holiday sale on kitchen or bathroom remodeling, don’t be swayed by the offer of a discount alone. Always weight the true costs of getting a holiday sale price on a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel – you might not be happy with the long-term results for short-term savings.

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