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What It Means To Be A Master Craftsman And
Why We Refuse To Use Anyone Else

And What That Means For Your Next
Kitchen Or Bath Remodeling Project

Remodeling installers are a dime a dozen in the Kansas City kitchen and bath trade, which is why we are so selective about who we hire.

While most installers follow their company’s standards and the manufacturer’s recommendations, they rarely exceed the lowest expectations. They’re there to do a job. No more. No less.

That’s why we don’t want simple installers. Instead, we seek out craftsmen we can mold into the Master Craftsmen who install everything needed to bring our designs – and your dreams – into gorgeous reality. A reality we’re happy to guarantee for life.

Master Craftsmen Aren’t Easy To Find

Craftsmen aren’t as common as installers, but there are still plenty out there in the field – just not with us. A craftsman is what you need to be just to enter the application process at Jericho Home Improvements.

Even then, you’ll need a clean background check and drug test before you can hope for an interview. The fact is, only 4% of applicants get a chance to train with our senior Master Craftsmen – and even then, there’s no promise that you’ll make the final cut.

To reach the interview process, you’ll need a proven track record of high-quality work that goes back many years – we rarely hire someone under 30, and the average age of our installers is above 40.

As for your skill set, we expect every installation employee to be able to set tile, do rough and finish carpentry, install plumbing, hang drywall, install cabinetry, run minor electrical work, and handle any other tasks at an expert level.

Yes, the bar is high, but if you prove you’re talented enough and show a dedication to getting even the smallest details right every time, we’re willing to help you over that bar.

Jack Of All Trades –
And Master, Too!

Once we’ve found our new craftsman, we start them on the path to becoming a master. After the skills tests and stress trials (yes, we do those in the interview process, too), we’ll have them spend time training in-house to hone all their skills and instill those they may be lacking.

When we feel they’re ready, we’ll attach them to one of our senior people to work on a project under direct (and very close) supervision. On average, this period lasts from two to three months, with the senior Master Craftsman reporting on the new person’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the process.

Once the weaknesses have been eliminated and all their skills brought as close to perfection as possible, our newly hired installer will be granted the title of Master Craftsman and trusted to work on their own.

As you might imagine, our training process requires humility and confidence, deference and decisiveness, and an overall iron will.

As for those who fail or we refuse at the start, you can find them gainfully employed working for our competitors.

While lowering our employee standards may allow us to fill our permanently understaffed doles, it would also destroy everything that makes our company – and our projects – so special.

Far better, we think, to limit the amount of work we take on than to lower the quality of that work.

What Master Craftsmanship
Means For Your Project

Let’s face it – you’ve seen remodeled kitchens and baths in other homes and never noticed anything wrong. They may even look great – though we like to think our custom designs look better.

So, you may ask, what’s so special about Master Craftsmen doing the work instead of standard installers? Plenty!

Problems Are Handled Without Delay

Well, to start, ask your friends if there were any problems during the remodeling process. Truthfully, every remodeling project runs into something unexpected. The trick is in how you handle it when it shows up.

If the problem isn’t in their skill set, most installers must wait for the right person to come around and make the problem disappear.

A Master Craftsman possesses all skill sets, so knows how to handle anything that might come up. Plus, with decades of experience behind them, it’s rare for them to run into a problem they haven’t seen and solved many times over.

Familiarity = Comfort

With installers, you might run into a different person every day, but your Jericho Master Craftsman will be the only person you’ll see from demo to final walkthrough. That level of consistency lets you develop a comfortable relationship with the person working on your home and makes communication a breeze.

No Unexpected Delays

Hurry up and wait isn’t just a feature of the military – it happens a lot in most remodels, too. It comes from having too many hands in the same pot. Steps get skipped, materials get lost, or installers simply fail to show when expected.

With our Master Craftsmen, there’s only one set of hands in charge of everything during the installation. They know what comes next and what needs to be completed before moving on to each step.

The result is a steady pace through the entire process, free of hiccups or competing needs. And trust us, that pace is still plenty quick – it’s amazing how much a person can accomplish when they aren’t constantly bumping up against someone else’s needs.

Unequaled Quality

A Master Craftsman doesn’t just know every remodeling discipline – they love them! They do everything with the utmost care. Their wiring is clean, the plumbing organized and proper, the tiling impeccable, and the cabinetry perfectly plumb.

Plus, you can count on your Master Installer to stress test everything for weaknesses or leaks before they are satisfied.


Because, being experts, they know mistakes happen, and the only unacceptable mistake is the one that gets missed – so they are constantly verifying their work.

The result is an amazing transformation of your bathroom or kitchen that will last you for life. Guaranteed!

Are You Ready To Realize Your Dreams?

If you want to transform the kitchen or bath in your Kansas City area home and want a Master Craftsman to take it to the next level, contact us at Jericho Home Improvements for a free quote.