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You can usually tell if companies are the best remodeling companies in Kansas City by looking at their customer reviews. Today’s social media has given people the ability to speak out and be heard. Customers love to give reviews about companies that do projects for them. Look on the company’s website for reviews and to see if they have lots of satisfied customers or lots of complaining customers. I doubt there is a company out there that doesn’t have a few complaints, but a lot of complaints is a red flag that something is amiss. Even the best restaurant in town will have someone who doesn’t like it, but if most of the reviews are negative, you probably won’t eat there, right?


Awards that a company has received might not seem important when you are looking for a home improvement company but, on the contrary, your home is probably the most substantial investment in your life. It is crucial that the remodeling company that you choose strives for perfection and has a high standard that they set for themselves. This quality will set them apart from other companies. The best remodeling companies in Kansas City will have awards for being the best because their reputation will matter to them, and they will strive for excellence.

Recent Projects

Lots of remodeling companies can tell you about their past work, but it is essential that you can talk to their recent customers who have had projects done. You need to know that they have a team of elite craftsmen today, not ten years ago. If they don’t have customer reviews and names of recent customers for you to contact about the quality of work, it is a red flag. If the work they show you pictures of are from a long time ago, they may no longer even have the same people working on their projects. So make sure the info they give you is current.

Gallery of Projects

One of the best ways to know a great company is to see their actual work. A gallery of recent projects that the company has completed, with names of customers to go with them, is essential to have before deciding on a remodeling company. You can also get ideas for the design of your project if they have lots of pictures of recent projects. Ask for recent photos of the company’s work because you want your remodel to be up-to-date and in style, not something that was trending years ago. 

Quality-Driven Team

Quality is of utmost importance when remodeling your home; from the materials to the actual installation. You will want a company that has a team that strives for excellence in every project that they work on. You and your home should be treated with respect. The result of a project that has a quality-driven team working on it will meet your every expectation. 

When you are ready to do a home remodel, you will want someone that will live up to the promises that they make to you. At Jericho Home Improvements, we believe in honesty, and we keep our word. We have a money-back guarantee that we will stand behind our work. We have over 1,900 reviews on Guild Quality from satisfied homeowners. So if you want the largest independent kitchen and bathroom remodeler in the nation that treats their customers right to do your remodel, Jericho Home Improvements is the best remodeling company for you. Call us today at (913) 596-0000 for a free consultation and quote.