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What To Expect From A Bathroom Remodeling
Consultation In Blue Springs, MO

Plan The Bathroom Remodel Of Your
Dreams With Help From The Pros

Thinking about bathroom remodeling in Blue Springs, MO? A design consultation is the perfect way to get started.

Here at Jericho Home Improvements, we offer completely free professional design services with every single bathroom remodel. Our top-level designers are committed to helping you make your dream bathroom a reality.

When you’ve scheduled a free bathroom remodeling consultation, here’s what you should expect.

Nail Down Your Top Priorities For Bathroom
Remodeling In Blue Springs, MO

During your bathroom remodeling consultation, you’ll meet with a professional designer who has planned hundreds of stunning remodels in the Kansas City area.

The consultation is all about YOU. Our designers want to understand every aspect of what you need and want. It’s the time to get your questions answered.

Not sure where to start? No worries.

Our experienced designers have plenty of ideas to get you started. They’ll probably ask about your lifestyle and what you like and dislike about your current bathroom. They might show you some examples of bathrooms or some case studies to get a feel for what you gravitate towards.

Do you already know EXACTLY what you want? We can help you get what’s into your head onto paper. You’ll get a chance to see what your end results will look like. Your designer might even have a couple of fun suggestions that you haven’t considered yet to make things even more luxurious.

Consider The Perfect Bathroom For Your Lifestyle

One of the most important things to consider during a bathroom remodeling consultation is how you’ll use the space.

If you have a family with small children, you’ll probably need durable products suitable for all ages. Durable acrylic countertops might be a good choice. You might need a tub to bathe children or lots of extra storage.

If you’re looking to transform your existing bathroom into a relaxing getaway, you’ll likely want to go for luxurious touches throughout the space. Perhaps a custom spa shower is the perfect choice, or maybe you want to indulge with heated floors.

Changing mobility needs? If you or anyone in your family needs easy-access solutions, that’s something to bring up during a consultation. Options like grab bars, easy-access showers, or walk-in tubs might be ideal.

Our designers will help you think through how to optimize the bathroom for your needs.

Come Up With Creative Ideas For Your Kansas City
Metro Bathroom Remodeling Project

Once you understand your top priorities for your bathroom remodel, it’s time to have fun and get the creative juices flowing.

Our designers at Jericho Home Improvements love helping homeowners dream up all the luxurious details of bathroom remodeling.

Your designer will recommend different options, including:

A bathroom remodel consultation is an exciting time to bounce ideas back and forth and find some themes.

Narrow Down The Best Solutions For Your
Bathroom Remodeling Project

The best part of a bathroom remodeling consultation is seeing your ideal bathroom start to come together.

Bathroom remodeling is complicated. There’s no doubt about it. There are endless options to consider. An experienced designer can help you funnel broad ideas into specifics.

Here at Jericho Home Improvements, we don’t believe that a rough sketch is enough preparation for a bathroom remodel – not by a long shot. We like comprehensive planning – it’s the best way to ensure perfect results.

See What Your Bathroom Remodeling Results
Will Look Like Ahead Of Time

What is the end result of a bathroom remodeling consultation? You’ll see what your new bathroom will look like. We’ll create a detailed design and get you a detailed quote that accurately reflects your project.

Schedule your free Blue Springs, MO bathroom remodeling consultation and quote today – it’s the essential first step towards getting your perfect bathroom.