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What Is Involved In A Tub-To-Shower
Conversion For Olathe, KS, Homes?

How Jericho Home Improvements Completes
The Stunning Transformation Process

Remodeling the bathroom of your Olathe, KS, home can offer you tons of possibilities for a refreshing change. And one of the biggest, most “revitalizing” renovations you can make to your bathroom is a tub-to-shower conversion.

Converting a bathtub into a shower is a great way to improve space and convenience. A walk-in shower can provide a spa-like experience that relieves tension and provides a respite after a long day. It can also increase accessibility when you have family members with mobility issues.

If you’re curious about everything that would go into a tub-to-shower conversion, Jericho Home Improvements has you covered. This article will cover the process from start to finish so you know what to expect during your bathroom remodeling project.

Professional In-Home Bathroom Design Consultation

What is the key to a successful bathroom remodel and/or tub-to-shower conversion? It starts with a professional design consultation. If the design isn’t thought through and on point, the quality of the rest of the project won’t matter.

That’s why it’s so surprising just how many Kansas City area remodeling contractors don’t provide professional design services. Some bathroom contractors do a simple, rough sketch of the project; others do even less than that.

Both approaches can leave a lot up to interpretation during the installation phase, which can lead to a disappointing result that doesn’t meet your needs. You may not get the shower you want, or you may find that your contractors made decisions on the fly that don’t match the original plan.

That’s why we focus so much on our design consultations at Jericho Home Improvements. You can see your new shower come to life in the planning and have designers who listen to your requests.

Choosing The Best Bathroom Materials For Your Project

Once we have your design squared away, we can find you the ideal materials and products for your tub-to-shower conversion. We refuse to use anything less than high-quality, proven products guaranteed to last.

There’s no room for exceptions on this because cheaply made products that aren’t tested have a high potential for leaks and water damage in your Olathe, KS, home. The cost of these repairs can be HUGE, and they can cause a ton of grief.

That’s why we’ll help you find the ideal products that match your style and fit your design plans. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re built to last, ensuring you won’t experience consequences like those related to using cheaply made alternatives.

The Tub-To-Shower Installation Process

During the installation process for your new shower, we’ll remove your existing bathtub and the wall surrounds. With everything removed, we can evaluate what’s underneath. If any damage needs to be addressed, now is the time to do it, ensuring your new shower system will have long-lasting success.

With the wet wall removed, we’ll adjust the plumbing to allow a new shower head to be installed. This may require adding a new plumbing line, or we may be able to modify the existing line. Everything will be reconnected to the new hardware correctly.

We’ll install a new shower pan and ensure everything matches perfectly with the new drain. Once that’s accomplished, we’ll begin the installation of the base and the wall surrounds. Everything will have the appropriate seals to ensure no water can infiltrate behind your new shower.

The next step will be installing your shower door if you have chosen to install one. Finally, we’ll test the shower to ensure it is fully operational and up to the Jericho Home Improvements’ standards.

The Cleanup Phase

When you hire us, you can also count on a clean home after the project is finished. We also work hard throughout the installation to keep your home as pristine as possible. While demolition can be messy, it doesn’t mean your house should show signs of it everywhere. The only sign you should have that we were there is a stunning new shower system.

Choose Jericho Home Improvements For All Your
Bathroom Remodeling Needs In Olathe, KS

When you need a reliable bathroom remodeling service in Olathe, KS, turn to a company with a history of delivering quality results. Here at Jericho Home Improvements, we make a point of hiring only the best to ensure you get a premium remodel and nothing less.

Our team of Master Installers is made of in-house employees, which means you will have a team of experts who are well-versed in every aspect of the remodeling process to deliver exceptional final products. We’re obsessed with delivering the best to our customers, which is why we hire superior installers.

Call Jericho Home Improvements today at (913) 303–8544 to schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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