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Which Kitchen Upgrades Give You The
Best ROI For Your Kansas City Home?

Minor Remodels Can Be A Wise Investment
With The Right Kitchen Contractor

Kitchen remodels in Kansas City are overwhelming, any way you look at it. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, so when it’s out of commission, it throws your whole life off. However, you don’t need to remodel your kitchen completely – a few upgrades can give you great ROI in just a little time.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we want our customers to know the proper steps to take to get the most use and value out of their kitchen remodel. After all, you’re remodeling for yourself and also as an investment. Kitchens have some of the highest return on investment percentages, but some kitchen projects are higher than others.

Both minor and major kitchen remodels in Kansas have an average ROI of over 65%, but when you don’t need or don’t want an entire kitchen remodel, learn which upgrades will give you the most money back when you go to sell.

Refinish Or Replace Cabinets 

Cabinets take up a large part of your kitchen, often becoming the “face” of the kitchen. They’re the first things you notice when you walk into the room. When your cabinets are outdated or in poor condition, they are a major turn-off to potential homebuyers.

Refinishing, which entails changing the look of the exterior of your cabinets, will give your cabinets a whole new look without the cost or effort of completely replacing them. Simply repainting your cabinets, restaining them, or switching out the hardware can be enough to spruce them back up again.

Replacing your cabinets is a bit more costly and time-consuming but worth the effort. If your cabinets fail structurally, are too bulky, or are made with outdated materials, you might benefit from a complete cabinet replacement. This entails taking the old ones out and replacing them with new ones of your choosing.

Replace Countertops 

As with the surface appearance of your cabinets, countertops often decide the look of a kitchen. Countertop material goes in and out of style and is one of the most obvious elements that dates a kitchen. Homebuyers want new, polished, and solid countertops.

Quartz and stone, like granite, will give you an excellent return on investment, as they stay timeless, are easy to clean and maintain, and continue to retain their beauty for years. Plus, they provide better food safety health than butcher blocks or laminates.

Granite countertops give your kitchen a quick refresher and easily catch the eye of potential homebuyers. Plus, new granite countertops are versatile and can look modern and industrial or rustic and warm, depending on your preference.

Hang New Lighting 

Proper lighting has everything to do with the appeal of a space. Many kitchens are boxed in, cutting off natural sunlight, and fail to use artificial lighting to their advantage. Though it is possible to install new windows, this is a significant investment that might be in the budget.

Many kitchens have outdated lighting fixtures or don’t utilize the full lighting potential by only using overhead recessed lighting. Replacing the artificial lighting in your kitchen can significantly change how the space appears and make it much more attractive to new homeowners.

Though overhead lighting is excellent, recessed lighting goes unnoticed. Installing hanging fixtures with style and color can completely change the kitchen’s look and bring in a new, modern tone. Making this minor update is a game-changer! Not only does the lighting fixture look great, but it also provides a highly desired ambiance.

Install New Kitchen Island 

Instead of changing the whole layout of your kitchen, try installing a new kitchen island if the space is suitable for it. A kitchen island has incredible benefits, including more storage, counter space, and seating.

Kitchen islands quickly become where your friends and family gather, opening up your kitchen in a new way. There’s often no need to knock down walls or make other major kitchen updates when all you need is a kitchen island. Islands are available in every size possible, making it impossible not to find one for you.

Plus, islands are customizable in size and features – so you can get exactly the look and functionality you crave. They are a great way to bring accent colors and textures to your kitchen, allowing new homeowners to personalize their space.

Add A Backsplash 

Adding a backsplash is one of the most affordable and effective upgrades when looking for a wise investment. Backsplashes are highly adaptable to whatever look you’re going for and available in a number of materials, colors, patterns, and textures.

Not only are backsplashes purposeful in keeping your kitchen walls clean, but they can bring in a whole new, fresh look. Sometimes a new backsplash is just the thing you’re looking for in a kitchen upgrade. Installation takes next to no time, doesn’t require a massive amount of labor, and easily transports your kitchen into the 21st century.

See The Most Benefits From Your Kitchen Remodel
With Our Kansas City Company

At Jericho Home Improvements, we want to help our Kansas City customers succeed in their investments. After all, we understand the risks homeowners take when they hire a kitchen remodeling company, as they can easily lose their money with the wrong contractor. To avoid this, we give you the kitchen upgrades you want and need without any of the hassles.

Our company is guided by strong elements, like people, workmanship, and professionalism, which we infuse into our business dealings. Running our home improvement ethically puts us ahead of many of our competitors and ensures our customers get the maximum amount of return on their investment.

Contact us today for a free kitchen remodel quote, or call us at (913) 308-0111 to get started.

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