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Let’s say you’ve needed a kitchen remodel since the beginning of the year, but there just hasn’t been time. You had personal crises come up, and then the money wasn’t there, and now that you’re ready for a kitchen remodel, it’s already early winter and you’re worried you’ve missed your chance. Fortunately, if you think you can only remodel your kitchen in fair weather, you’ve been misinformed. Fall and winter can be a great time to start a kitchen remodeling project in Kansas City. 

A Chance For a Getaway

Homeowners often take a vacation during the holidays to see family or friends or even just to have a break from their routine. Even if you’re not planning to take part in a large gathering this year, you might still relish a chance to get away from home for a bit. Winter is the perfect time of year to take a vacation while your kitchen is being remodeled. When you come back, you’ll come home to a brand new kitchen and a new perspective on your home.

A Kitchen for the Holidays

Even if you plan to spend the holidays at home this year, there’s a good chance you’ll be cooking. You’ll need plenty of prep space and a convenient kitchen that makes it easy to work. If you don’t have that already, you’ll want to have it installed before the holiday feast comes around. If you schedule your kitchen remodeling project now, you can have your kitchen ready just in time for the holidays and especially for the new year, so you can start working on that goal to cook more in 2021.

Beat the Rush

Spring and summer are peak time of year for remodeling contractors. It can be difficult to schedule a kitchen remodel in that time; but in winter, you’ll have plenty of flexibility to schedule your remodel when you want it. You can also get any necessary permits for the project before the big spring rush, and you may even be able to save money by scheduling your project at a time when there’s less demand.

Is a kitchen remodeling project calling to you this winter? We can help! Contact Jericho Home Improvements today for more information or to get started with a free estimate.

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