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What’s The Best Countertop Material For A Kitchen Remodel?  

When it is time for a kitchen remodel, Overland Park homeowners have lots of choices to make. You pick cabinets, flooring, appliances, and more. All these choices impact the results of your remodel, of course.

But of all the decisions, the one that makes a HUGE difference in the beauty of your kitchen remodel is the countertops you choose. Simply put, countertop choice impacts your kitchen like nothing else.

The good news is this: if you want the best looking countertop, the answer is clear. The best and most beautiful countertops are made of granite, hands down. For more on kitchen remodeling and granite countertops, visit our Granite Countertops page.

Why Granite Countertops Are The Clear Choice

The number one reason homeowners choose granite countertops is the stunning beauty they bring to any kitchen remodel. Compare it to other choices like laminate, Formica, and wood – it’s not even close. The natural, gorgeous appeal of the stone makes a stunning impression. The rich textures and stylish appearance instantly upgrade any kitchen from ordinary to elegant.

It is interesting to see homeowners reactions to granite countertops once they are installed. When we install new granite countertops for our kitchen remodeling clients, the reactions are excitement at a minimum, all the way up to “WOW” and slack-jawed amazement. People love it.

Here are some other reasons that granite countertops are the clear choice for kitchen remodels in Overland Park:

Adding Value To Your Home – The value of your home has a lot to do with the impression your kitchen makes. Most people know that granite is an elite quality product and understand the prestige of having a granite countertop!

It is also a smart investment because homeowners can enjoy granite countertops for decades. In that same time period, you would have to replace or refurbish counters made from laminate, Formica, or wood multiple times.

Rock-Solid – Granite is tough stuff. (It is literally rock, after all.) It resists chipping, cracking, and scratching. It is heat-resistant, much more so than laminate or wood. The bottom line is that with granite, you are getting a product with durability measured in decades, and one that maintains its beauty.

Easy To Keep Clean – Granite is not hard to clean up, either. You can use a cleaner specifically made for granite surfaces, or even just a little soap and water will work. With all countertops, it is always a good idea to clean spills quickly to avoid any kind of staining.

However, there is something homeowners considering granite countertops need to know:  these countertops must be sealed properly. Some kitchen contractors in Overland Park will tell homeowners they know how to install and seal a granite countertop, but the reality often is that they have little to no experience with granite. We seal our granite before installation with a 5 year seal. We take care of all the hard work for the customer. Not many other granite fabricators do this..

If you want a free consultation on granite countertops and kitchen remodeling to better understand how sealing works, Contact Us.

Who Is Installing Your Granite Countertops? (Yes, That Does Matter!)

When it comes to granite countertops and installation, did you know that fractions of an inch can affect how the counter looks and how it functions? If you didn’t know that, you are not alone: many kitchen remodeling companies don’t know it either.

They think “close enough is good enough.” But with granite countertops, it’s definitely not.

We’re the precision fabricators and installers of granite countertops serving Overland Park. Don’t make an investment in a kitchen remodel and granite countertops only to find out too late that you got a substandard installation.

Jericho Home Improvement can give you an expert installation with guaranteed results.

For a free consultation on granite countertops and kitchen remodels in Overland Park, Contact Us.

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