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If you’re a Kansas City area homeowner looking to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, there’s no shortage of contractors that say they are willing to talk with you about it.

The problem is most of these “free consultations” end up being somewhere between disappointing and downright worthless.

What goes wrong?

Here’s 5 Very Common Problems With Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Consultations

Problem #1 – The Contractor Spends Very Little Time Finding Out What You Want

Many Kansas City kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors will spend only about 20 minutes in your home during a typical consultation.

That’s just way too quick. A remodel is a major project and if you want an accurate quote, a contractor needs to spend more time finding out what you want.


Problem #2 – They’re Design Skills Are A Rough Pencil Sketch On A Piece Of Notebook Paper

Many contractors have little to no design expertise, and they don’t even invest in the necessary software to create a professional design.

Some of them will tell you to hire a designer separately, while others will provide you with a “rough sketch” of your project (which usually means a penciled-out sketch on whatever paper they have handy).

These are red flags that should raise concerns about the future of your project. If your remodel is starting without a clear plan and a professional design, it will almost certainly end in disappointment.


Problem #3 – The Contractor Fails To Bring Product Samples

The majority of remodeling contractors do not bring product samples to your initial consultation.

And even the remodeling companies that do bring samples don’t have nearly enough.

Having real product samples in front of you is important. It’s far superior to trying to see it online or having to visit multiple places to find the products yourself.


Problem #4 – You’re Not Provided Any Financing Options

The sad truth is some remodeling contractors struggle to even provide you an accurate quote… so don’t expect them to go the extra effort of giving you financing options.

Of course, some homeowners already have a plan for paying for the remodel locked in. But for homeowners who like to understand all the options, a lack of financing choices is a letdown.


Problem #5 – A Total Lack Of Follow-Through

You’d be shocked by the number of contractors who don’t follow-up with a quote after meeting with you.

It sounds almost unbelievable that a business would fail in something this basic, but we here about it all the time.

A remodeling contractor will be in your home for about 20 minutes, take a few measurements, and then leave telling you, “I’ll get back to you with a quote.”

Then… you hear absolutely nothing.

You don’t hear from them again unless you reach out to them, and sometimes not even then.

(We recommend against doing business with any remodeler that requires you to chase them down for a quote. If they are that unprofessional about earning your business, what’s the actual project going to be like?).

Of course, in some cases, a contractor will follow-up with a quote. But then the question becomes… what is that price based on? Since they were in your home for so short a time, it’s impossible that they would have a precisely calculated quote.

With nothing much to go on, it’s pretty much a made-up number. And that’s a recipe for disputes over costs later. You don’t want those kind of headaches.


You Don’t Have To Put Up With Unprofessional Consultations & Sloppy Quotes

Jericho Home Improvements is the biggest and best kitchen and bath remodeler in the Kansas City area.

We have a professional process that makes sure you get fantastic results, and it all starts with our comprehensive consultations.

Nothing is overlooked:

  • We allot enough time during the initial consultation to truly understand your goals for your remodel and to answer all your questions. We never take shortcuts or rush you.
  • Our design consultants come with a vehicle loaded with samples to give you the best possible consultation experience.
  • Our designers are experienced – the number of projects we complete on an ongoing basis gives us a wide knowledge and keeps us up on the latest remodeling trends.
  • We have proprietary design software and can create a design for you on the very first appointment… for free!
  • We won’t leave you with a “we’ll get back to you.” We give you an accurate quote that has been professionally calculated at the very first appointment.


Homeowners Tell Us They Prefer Our Transparent Professionalism

If you’re thinking about a kitchen or bath remodel in the Kansas City area, you should reach out to us for a free consultation and quote. Even if you have received other quotes, why not experience a completely professional quote process before making a decision?

Schedule A Free Consultation & Quote

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