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Why Our Kansas City Installers Can’t Wipe
This Cheesy Grin Off Their Faces

What Makes Our Installers
So Happy?

You don’t see many Kansas City contractor employees smiling at their jobs. If they are, they’re most likely faking it for the sake of the boss or customer. As soon as the higher-ups walk away, their employees are back to the grind with frowns abound.

Many installers don’t even attempt to act happy in the kitchen and bath remodeling industry. Instead, they keep their head down, complete their work, and get on with their lives.

When disgruntled installers come to your home, their hardened demeanor can be startling and a major letdown to what should be an exciting new project. In turn, this can leave you unenthused, annoyed, and disappointed.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we don’t even have to ask our installers to put on a happy face – they just do. Though our smiles may seem like a show, trust us. They’re genuine.

We’ve learned that happy installers make for happy customers, so we do everything we can to keep grins on our installers faces.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Creating an encouraging, supportive, and caring work environment makes all the difference! In any business, employees who work together create a sum bigger than its parts, which is no different in the kitchen and bath remodeling industry.

When installers feel disconnected or unsupported by the rest of their company, they’re likely to invest less of themselves into their projects. Work becomes a matter of just getting through the day, and, unfortunately, the customer suffers because of it.

Many Kansas City kitchen renovation companies have fallen victim to these internally competitive and toxic work conditions. And as a result, all the pieces fall apart without the team glue holding them together.

Unlike many other bath remodeling companies, we treat everyone at Jericho like family. We work WITH each other – not against – when issues arise, whether professional or personal.

Plus, we cherish our knowledgeable and skilled installers so much, we’ve crowned them “Master Craftsmen.”

Our fantastic management and support staff ensures our Master Craftsmen have exactly what they need to complete the job, from the right tools to the highest quality materials.

When each team member pulls their weight, our Master Craftsmen can focus on their own task.

We’re each other’s cheerleaders! Break out the pom-poms!

Fun Work Environments Aren’t
Just For Clowns

Almost everyone dreads their morning alarm clock. But when you know you’re heading to a fun work environment, you might JUMP out of bed.

Plus, when working with a group of driven, hard-working, and reliable folks, it’s just as important to play hard as it is to work hard.

Some of our competitors still rely on tough love and scare tactics to keep their installers in line. But, this creates an anxiety-ridden and harsh environment that no one in their right mind would want to go to every day.

From our annual Christmas party and bowling events to our monthly installer breakfast meetings, we incorporate fun and relaxation into our business. Our creative team-building activities let the team unwind after a job well done.

For us, a great work environment doesn’t stop at fun either – along with support, we encourage our Master Craftsmen to grow!

When You Feel Good, You Do Good

Having emotional and physical support is one thing, but feeling the encouragement to reach your full potential is truly a gift. Great bath companies appreciate their employees and push them to grow continually.

In this competitive world, some managers see growth as a threat. After all, their employee might outgrow them and leave them far behind. It’s hard for employees to succeed or find self-satisfaction when they feel stifled by those higher on the pay scale.

At Jericho, we truly want all of our Master Craftsmen to thrive. So, we encourage additional training and venturing into unknown territory.

We supply our Master Craftsmen with the resources needed to continually evolve in their craft. For example, our regular training sessions connect expert liaisons with our team to teach them new techniques, discuss installation innovation, and allow our installers to practice until perfect.

Not only do we want our installers to feel valued, but we also want them to feel encouraged. When we believe in them, they believe in us!

At Jericho, Our Installers’ Smiles Are
The Real Deal – We Promise!

We know how hard it is to find genuine smiles these days. But we can assure you, our installer’s smiles are real. Wouldn’t you smile, too, if you felt supported, cared for, and encouraged to grow?

While other kitchen and bath remodeling companies scramble to keep devoted and talented installers, we’re swimming in them. Showing employee appreciation is the least a company can do to ensure loyalty and reliability.

We don’t subscribe to artificial products or techniques here at Jericho Home Improvements, and it’s no different for our feelings. When you work for a place like ours, you can’t help but feel good and flash those pearly whites.

It helps that we only hire installers that share our core values and have years of experience under their belts. This sets them and us up for success and a long, rewarding career – and our customers reap the benefits.

Smile on!

If you’re in the market for a Kansas City kitchen or bathroom remodel, our happy installers (and everyone else at Jericho Home Improvements) would be delighted to help! Contact us today for a free bath and kitchen remodel quote.