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The #1 Reason We Use Quality Materials In Remodeling Projects

Standards… the #1 reason Jericho Home Improvements relies expressly on the highest-quality materials to ensure our remodeling projects are consistently successful…is our standards. 

If we were in the food business, we wouldn’t be selling cheap, fast, or unappetizing meals. 

Instead, our company standards would force us to create mouth-watering culinary works of art. We’d be whipping up 5-star meals and delivering them with 5-star service. 

One of the most important ways we would do that is through cooking with outstanding ingredients of the highest quality. Period.

All organic, fresh, fragrant, local, in-season…the works! 

Because you don’t just want your food to look good, and you don’t just want it to taste good, and you don’t just want great service. You need all three combined to create the best overall dining experience. 

Let’s not take the ingredients analogy too far, but it definitely fits. 

The bottom line is all Remodeling Materials we recommend to our customers:

  • Are built by proven manufacturers who’ve stood the test of time.
  • Are materials we’ve used before, know well, and would trust in our own homes. 
  • Are exceedingly attractive to the overall appearance of the kitchen and bathrooms we remodel. Rather than shoddy eyesores or shabby substandard designs. 
  • Are durable and installed to maintain flawless functionality (despite long-term usage).

Along with our standards, here are four other specific reasons why your bathroom or kitchen remodel we be impeccable with Jericho.

#1: You Enjoy Better Results & Liveability

For example, with a gorgeous high-quality Granite Countertop, your kitchen feels SO much better to be in than if we just threw a cheap solid-surface material counter in the space. Or, your cabinets look and perform better; they provide more functional value when they’re made with quality wood rather than low-quality fiberboard. 

Every detail matters. You shouldn’t have to settle for just 80% of your remodel using superior quality products, but the small construction materials like binders, screws, caulking, and all the things you DON’T SEE on the surface as well. 

#2: More ROI In Increased Home Value

Across the board, all the major home improvement platforms agree that kitchen and bathroom remodeling/renovation is a time-tested smart investment. There’s no question about that. But to get the most return on your investment (ROI) possible, you need to be strategic and use the best products, appliances, and materials.

Consider the differences in ROI between a cheap blank-white countertop or backsplash and something custom made out of premium marble or tile. When you invest in kitchen and bathroom remodeling with an eye on returns, whether you’re selling soon or not, only the top-of-the-line should do. 

#3: Far Longer Service Lifetime

This goes without saying, world-class products and materials last longer. And they stay beautiful and functional as they do so. For another example, consider the differences between using antique-quality solid oak for a custom bathroom vanity vs. medium-grade fiberboard or even engineered cedar. 

One lasts for a bit, while the other lasts well beyond your lifetime and the lifetime of your children. Generations! 

We’re not saying you should have your new cabinetry made out of solid oak; we’re just demonstrating the longevity involved in leading materials. 

#4: A Less Stressful Project With More Peace Of Mind

When you know the details and all the deep below-the-surface materials are high quality and installed to perfection…you feel more secure. 

More secure in your investment and more secure in the feeling that you’re using the space to its fullest potential. 

Peace of mind comes from knowing you truly got the value and benefits you paid for. If you happen to be a Kansas City-area homeowner and you’ve got questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to Contact Jericho Home Improvements. We’ve got the experience, the process, and the reputation you’re looking for. Thanks for your time today. 

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