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Find Out Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To
Remodel Your Kansas City Kitchen

Use A Professional Kitchen Design Contractor
To Complete Your Dream Remodel

When planning a kitchen remodel for your Kansas City home, choosing the right time of year can be challenging. Winter might even seem off-limits in some areas because of the cold temperatures. However, winter is one of the best times to remodel your kitchen in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

This might seem counterintuitive since your kitchen will be out of commission, and installers will be trekking through your home – which never sounds fun. But surprisingly, winter is an excellent time of year to remodel your kitchen for many reasons. Winter kitchen remodels are often smoother and much more hassle-free, despite the cold temperatures and unpredictable weather.

When you work with the right kitchen contractors, they ensure your remodel will be done correctly and promptly, getting you all set for spring dinners and summer gatherings.

So, why is winter preferable in terms of your kitchen remodel? Let’s take a look at what the professionals have to say about wintertime kitchen remodeling.

More Availability 

More open availability is one of the biggest appeals for a winter kitchen remodel. Most home remodeling companies see lower sales and project numbers in the winter, freeing up space in their calendars. In the summer months, contractors might put you on a waitlist lasting months or longer.

Some remodeling companies even close down in the winter or have fewer workers on staff, lessening their ability to take customers. Finding a kitchen remodeling company with a full-time staff instead of seasonal help gives you a greater probability of a timely remodel.

Chances are your kitchen remodel won’t have to wait long as more availability opens up. This also means you’ll wait less for products to arrive and for manufacturers to deliver, lessening the time between design and installation. In short, you’ll enjoy your new kitchen in no time!

Spreads Out Your Home Projects 

It’s hard to do outdoor home projects in the winter, as the ground hardens and the temperature drops. Often the tasks we do want to complete are covered in snow until spring rolls around, making them unachievable.

This makes winter the perfect time to finish indoor home projects like a kitchen remodel. After the holidays and things have settled, the downtime makes for the ideal opportunity to complete the indoor projects you’ve been putting off.

Spacing out your home projects also helps you budget each project more efficiently, as you can better assess your spending when it’s dispersed over the year. Instead of waiting to check things off your to-do list, address your indoor projects in the winter and get a head start on the rest of the year.

More Convenience 

When you do your kitchen remodel in the winter, you create less inconvenience for other times of the year, which are often busier. People’s schedules tend to slow down in the winter, freeing time and energy to complete big projects.

Most homeowners prefer to host company when the weather is nicer and more people are out and about. So having an inaccessible kitchen during the spring and summer can be a nightmare. Knocking out your kitchen remodel project in the winter creates less hassle and stress – so you can enjoy those warm evenings with friends and family.

Prepares Your House For The Spring Market 

If you’re considering selling, a winter kitchen remodel is the perfect solution to prepare your home for the spring. Most homeowners put their houses on the market in springtime when the housing market flourishes. When you choose to do a winter remodel, you give yourself ample time to get your house ready to sell.

If you wait till spring or summer to do your kitchen remodel, you waste valuable months on the market. As a result, you end up waiting another year before listing. This delay could push your whole plan back, short-change your home, and put you out of potential earnings.

Utilize winter to get your home in the best shape possible to make a grand entrance into the spring housing market. Taking care of the kitchen in the winter also frees up your springtime to take care of other things to benefit your sales, like landscaping and exterior painting.

Possible Contractor Discounts

Though not every kitchen remodeling company offers winter discounts, there’s a good chance you’ll find better deals on products and possibly even labor costs in the winter. Many manufacturers provide end-of-year close-out sales before introducing their latest lines come springtime.

This allows you to take advantage of lower costs. Because contractors often view winter as their downtime, you can negotiate a better installation rate as well, as they may be more flexible in the slower months. It can’t hurt to ask!

Your Trusted Kansas City Remodelers Want To Take
On Your Winter Kitchen Projects

As Kansas City’s biggest remodeler, Jericho Home Improvements works year-round to ensure our customers receive all the benefits of a winter kitchen remodel. We employ six Project Managers and 50+ Master Craftsmen, ensuring your remodel gets done by the best-trained and skilled installers around – no subcontractors for us!

Regarding our kitchen remodels, we only use the highest quality products, giving you maximum value for your money. We also know details matter, which is why we take such pride in our Master Craftsmen – they ensure you get the meticulous installation and remodel you deserve.

Contact us today for a free kitchen remodeling quote, or call us at (913) 308-0111 to get started.

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