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You’ve probably heard the expression that “a failure to plan is planning to fail.”

This expression is spot-on when you’re talking about a kitchen remodeling project – you must have a great plan if you want awesome results, and your plan is the design.

That means it’s a recipe for a disaster if you begin a kitchen remodel without a professional designer on your team. Here are the 3 key reasons that pro-level design matters:

1. If you start without a professional design, you and the Kansas City contractor you choose might have different ideas about how the final result will actually look. You just can’t be sure you’re on the same page without a fully-flushed out design.

This lack of a plan can lead to big conflicts with your remodeler when you realize too late that the results aren’t going to match your original vision.

2. Without a kitchen designer on your team, you’re missing out on some great suggestions and guidance. Any professional kitchen designer will have a bank of accumulated knowledge and experience to draw from. Even if you already have a good idea of what you want, a skilled designer can help you nail down all those special details that make a kitchen go from “okay” to “stunning.”

3. If the Kansas City kitchen contractor you choose does not include professional design as part of your project, you might want to ask yourself: what other key steps will be left out of the process? Some contractors are comfortable “winging it” or having a “rough plan” when doing a remodel. That’s not the way to reliable results.

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Kitchen Remodeling Design Expectations

Okay, so having a designer on board is a must. But what should your expectations be? Here are a couple of things you should demand from any kitchen remodeling design process:

1. A sketch on a sheet of notebook paper/or graph paper is NOT a professional design. There are some “old hands” out there that will sketch out a rough plan or layout for you and call it a design. No way that’s good enough – not even close.

You should demand your design be created using pro-level software, so you can actually see/visualize your project and give specific feedback.

2. Speaking of feedback, here’s another key: a designer who cares about your opinion and listens to you. They should be able to make on-the-spot adjustments based on your feedback. This is a collaborative process and you should have the last word.

The ability to make changes is another reason you should insist your contractor use design software. Always demand professionalism!

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