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What To Expect During A Kitchen Or Bath Remodel
Consultation With Jericho Home Improvements

All The Help You Need – Without
An Ounce Of Pressure To Buy

Let’s be honest: When you book a consultation with a Kansas City kitchen or bath remodeler, you’re not ENTIRELY sure what you’re getting into.

Will you get the answers you need?

Will you get to seeand touch the materials you select?

And will they leave without trying to pressure you into signing?

Well, if you are careful enough to find the best, you’ll be calling us at Jericho Home Improvements, where your answers are:

  • Yes.
  • Yes.
  •  And – you better believe it!

When you invite us to your home, we understand we are coming as guests and act accordingly. We know that our job is to discover your wants and needs, show you the path to realizing your dreams, and provide you with a fair estimate.

No games. No creepy tactics. Just good information and solid advice.

True Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Expertise

We don’t send a salesperson to your door – we send a true design expert who knows kitchens and baths inside and out. They know what designs work with which floor plans and why.

More importantly, they know how to share their knowledge in a manner that is relatable to every homeowner. 

Instead of talking at you, our design consultants discuss your ideas with you and develop their plans based on your needs and wants.

They do ‘crazy’ things like:

  • Offer detailed answers
  • Ask you probing questions
  • Consider your specific needs
  • Shape their design to your floor plan
  • Study your space to determine what will work best

Even The Handrails Are Beautiful With Jericho Home Improvements Of Kansas CIty

Put simply, they take a close look at your situation and then hold a conversation with you until everyone involved has enough information to work out a plan. And with our Money Back Guarantee, you can bet it will be a plan you’ll love.

Exceptional Kitchen And Bath
Materials You Can Touch

Your design consultant’s car is filled with dozens of examples of the materials we install most often.

From your counters, cabinets, and faucets to the perfect finishing touch, we have samples you can see and hold.

And when you do hold them, you’ll likely note the difference between the products we offer and those you’ll find at the local Kansas City big box stores.

The first thing you’ll notice is the weight. Where the big boys use plastic, our manufacturers use brass. Where you’ll find honeycombed faux wood, we offer solid materials designed to last a lifetime.

Step Back In Time With This Old-School Bathroom From Jericho Home Improvements

Cheap materials have become so common that most folks are shocked when they pick up one of our sample items. You can feel the qualityand durability in your hands. And, as you can see, even our handrails are pretty.

Remodeling Designs That Come
Alive Before Your Eyes

We aren’t big on guessing at Jericho Home Improvements. So when your designer sits down to create your design, they won’t be scribbling a little sketch on a scrap of notebook paper.

Your design consultant knows how to make your vision come alive.

Whether you want a retro look for your new bathroom like you see to the left or you want to go with an ultra-sleek and modern kitchen – they’ve got you covered.

First, they take measurements of your kitchen or bath, and then they transfer those, plus your ideas, onto graph paper showing the true in-scale relationship of each feature with the others.

Once completed, you’ll have a sketch that shows you precisely what you’ll be getting and how it will look.

For kitchen remodeling projects, we will create and send you a full 3D rendering of your plans within a few days of your signing off on the project.

No-Pressure Consultations Mean Happy Goodbyes With Jericho In Kansas City

Enjoy A Zero-Pressure Kitchen Or
Bath Remodeling Consultation

There’s likely not one Kansas City area homeowner who doesn’t dread the sales portion of any home consultation. And when it comes to kitchen remodeling projects or creating that spa-like bathroom remodel, most contractors will try anything to get you to sign.

Well, you can put those worries away because the design consultants at Jericho don’t play those games.

Their 60-90 minute design consultations are all about fulfilling your needs – not theirs.

They know that what you want is help defining your dream kitchen or bath and an idea of how much it will cost to make that dream come true.

Full stop.

So that’s all they do.



After they’ve gone over all the details, determined your needs, and considered your planned budget, they offer you a thorough quote that’s good for 30 days.

Then they leave.

Now, if you tell them you’re ready to sign, they’ll be more than happy to oblige. But they will never push for your signature.

Kitchen And Bath Remodeling
Quotes Etched In Stone

The main reason our design consultations are so thorough is that we stand behind every quote. Not every kitchen and bath contractor can say that.

While the quote you receive during your visit is good for the next 30 days, your signature locks in your quote for good.

That means if we missed something we should have seen and have to spend more time than expected, we don’t ask you for a single extra dime. If it’s our mistake, it’s our problem – not yours.

The only time your final bill won’t match your quote is if there is a change that YOU ordered.

For example, if you picked a standard granite counter for your quote but later fell in love with a rare and expensive material instead, we’ll need to add the price difference to your final bill.

Otherwise, we usually absorb the cost of surprises rather than pass them on to you.

So if you’re interested in taking your kitchen or bath (or both) to the next level and want to discuss your ideas in an honest, stress-free, and helpful consultation, you know what to do.

Contact us at Jericho Home Improvements today for a free design consultation.