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Not many people would say that the bathroom is their favorite room in the house.  This is probably because they have not yet taken the time and effort to speak with a bathroom remodeler in Lawrence, MO. Once you begin planning your dream bathroom you will quickly understand why some people really do prefer to relax here instead of in any other place in the house.

Ways to Make it Yours

The first step to claiming your dream bathroom is to find a reliable contractor. This is typically not a DIY job as it involves both plumbing and electricity. Make sure that the contractor you hire uses only Master installers who are up-to-date on techniques and certifications. Make sure to ask if they use sub-contractors on their jobs, as this would change who would actually be working in your home.
Once have found a company that will do a great job creating your dream bathroom, it is time for planning. Remember to think beyond basic fixtures.  Some dream bathrooms today include:

  • Massage jetted tubs
  • Steam rooms
  • Heated floors
  • Custom cabinets
  • Upgraded tiles
  • Imperial Stone shower systems
  • Handicap-accessible tubs

Don’t be in a rush to get started. Taking your time to decide what you really what will make the room your favorite.

You May Not Have Considered

When you get to the point where you think you have helped to design the perfect bathroom, take a minute to imagine.  Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting in a soothing bathtub full of bubbles.  What kind of lighting does the room have?  Is it bright or dimly lit?  Are there any sounds that you would prefer to hear? Perhaps hidden speakers in a cabinet or ceiling?  What about the color of the walls?  Are you imagining cheery yellows and reds, or would it be more relaxing to surround yourself with the grays and blues of the ocean? 
By taking time to think, plan, imagine and consult with your Bathroom Remodeler in Lawrence, MO you are certain to end up with a new favorite place to spend your time.