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How To Avoid Home Improvement Disaster In Overland Park…And Get Remodeling Results You Really Love.

If you’re a homeowner in Overland Park searching for the right home improvement contractor for a project, it can sometimes get confusing.

There are so many advertisements and claims floating around out there. It makes it hard to cut through the clutter and figure out what’s really important.

When you get right down to it, there are two questions that determine how successful your home improvement remodeling project will be: what and who.

“What,” as in — what products will be installed?

And “who,” as in — who will be installing those products?

When you get right down to it, the quality of the products and the expertise of the installers tell the tale: will you have a good experience and great results — or will your home improvement turn into a nightmare project?

Let’s start by talking about products…

Some Overland Park remodelers like to play games with costs and quotes. In order to lower a quote, or sometimes to increase profits, some contractors will skimp on materials and recommend lesser products.

Unfortunately, what they don’t tell you is that those products are costing you more money in the long run in two ways.

For one, they are lowering the overall value of your remodel when they install inferior products. This can seriously hurt the Return On Investment (ROI) of your home improvement.

The other way it costs money is that you’ll have to call for service or replacement of substandard or average products much more often, and much sooner, than with a top quality product from a proven manufacturer.

Our policy at Jericho Home Improvement is this: we never recommend a lower quality product when a better one is available. That’s why were known throughout Overland Park, and even nationally, for the amazing remodeling results we deliver for homeowners. (Remodeling Magazine named us in the Top 50 in remodeling in the country, and no kitchen and bath remodeler was ranked higher in the nation.)

That’s about products, but what about installation? You need to find out who will be coming into your home to do the actual work.

Most home improvement companies in Overland Park, if they’re being honest, will tell you that they are using subcontractors for much or all of your remodel. It’s a very common practice.

In fact, some Overland Park “remodeling companies” are actually sales companies. They sell a project and then subcontract the work to the lowest bidder. Other contractors are a “guy and his truck.” He’ll try to do some of it himself, and then hires subcontractors piecemeal as needed.

But here’s the truth: subcontractors can cause big headaches and turn your remodeling project into a potential disaster. There are often delays because they are working on other projects for other companies, and you have to wait until they’re available.

Even worse, there is no way to maintain the same quality control that you can with installers who work directly for the company. Subcontractors just aren’t as accountable.

Here’s what we do at Jericho Home Improvements: the people doing your kitchen or bathroom remodel are well-trained, experienced Master Installers who work directly for us. They are not subcontractors, so we can control their schedule — eliminating delays. Even better, these are craftsmen who meet the very highest standards of workmanship.

Our Master Installers are experienced experts who care about what they do and are accountable to always do things the Jericho way. For more about us, visit our Why Choose Us page.

A Couple Of Other Things To Pay Attention To…

While the products and installation are the two most important things to focus on, there are two other areas Overland Park homeowners should ask prospective contractors about.

One is about design. For many companies, design for home improvement projects is a sketch on a piece of paper. For others, it is more professional — but something you have to pay a lot of extra money for.

We’re different. We include professional design as a standard part of any remodeling project we do.

The other area to ask about is a company’s track record. Have they been in business for a number of years? Is their rating with the Better Business Bureau an A+? Do they have at least one hundred references from recent past projects — any one of which you are welcome to call?

For Jericho Home Improvement, the answer to all those questions is YES.

Would you like a free consultation and quote for a home improvement project in Overland Park? Contact Us.

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