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Elevate Your Kitchen And Bath To The Next
Level With Top-Tier Designers By Your Side

The Success Of Your Project Is Guaranteed With
Pen To Paper Before Hammer Meets Nail

Any run-of-the-mill contractor in Kansas City can lead you to believe that what they offer is the “best of the best.” But do they ever mention professional design as a part of their process?

A contractor may have a sound crew to put in quality materials – but it’s all for naught if there’s an issue with the design.

Imagine “achieving” the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams only to later discover that a game-changing feature… is missing. Or worse, you find out something less forgivable, like a poorly placed drawer. Or even worse yet – a structural issue because of a poorly planned design.

That’s why we at Jericho Home Improvements take professional design to the next level. To be in the top 4% of Kansas City kitchen and bath remodelers, we must back it up with a design that includes the most minute details.

We take the time to sit down with you, encouraging you to share as much information as possible with our design team about your dream space. This way, our crew will be sure to include all of those design details – small, medium, and large – in your remodel.

We Design With “No Regrets” In Mind

To do things “The Jericho Way” means to consistently pay attention to the tiniest details that will lift your kitchen or bathroom remodel to the next level. Those details that might escape you or that you might not think about during your in-home design consultation never get past our designers.

One of the ways we love to incorporate fine details is in the functionality of your space. Because let’s face it – the kitchen and bathroom are meant to be lived in, not just looked at!

We Use Our Expertise To Give You The Most Functional Space

We take the time to assess each customer’s specific needs and how they’ll use the space.

Some questions our crew will consider when taking on your project are:

  • Will kids be using this space often? Adults? Older adults? And in what ways will the space be utilized the most?
  • What day-to-day considerations must the homeowner weigh that will affect the layout and material used?
  • Are there particular activities or requests from the customer that will change a design element?

Here are some methods of how our Professional Designers direct our highly experienced crew to solve these questions:

  • Creating a cord organization system built into vanities for bathroom electronics.
  • Ensuring a kitchen backsplash is always installed where there will be any risk of liquid splashing onto the kitchen walls.
  • Strategically placing a pullout drawer for pots and pans (based on a customer’s cooking style and preferences).
  • Adjusting vanity heights for different types of mobility and physical capabilities or height.

In addition to an excellent design and installation crew, we have an equally fantastic management team who employs a strict double and triple-check process.

Their efforts combined will leave you feeling as secure as can be with any Kansas City kitchen and bathroom remodeler.

We Succeed In Our Designs By Using Precision

Our design process is a double and triple-checked breeze.

  1. At your initial in-home consultation, our sales rep is trained to listen with empathy and take detailed notes and precise measurements based on your wants and needs.
  2. After a simple in-house drawing or rendering of your kitchen or bathroom, a drawing manager will come to your home for a re-measure. They’ll ensure every detail is accounted for.
  3. A project manager will walk you through the design, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect to your liking before the remodel begins.

With front-end and back-end project managers on the job, you can rest easy knowing that they will expertly manage every aspect of your remodel.

It All Starts With Design

Ready to bring your kitchen and bathroom visions to life in Kansas City? We will help you create a wonderfully detailed and functional space and treat you to true professionalism from a team of deeply experienced Master Craftsmen.

Contact us now for a free quote and take the first step toward becoming another RAVING FAN of Jericho Home Improvements today!