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Kitchen FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchens

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Can I Afford A Kitchen Remodel?

It all depends on what you want to accomplish in comparison with your budget. If you aren’t sure, we are the right company to call because we do both full kitchen remodels AND kitchen refinishing. Kitchen refinishing can be a great option because it typically costs 1/3 of a full remodel and you still get awesome looking results.

Also, keep in mind that we do offer payment plans. Be sure to ask about financing options during your design consultation.

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How Much Do You Charge For Your Design Services?

Unlike many Kansas City kitchen remodelers, we do NOT charge for design services. With us, design comes standard for no additional charge.

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How Long Will I Be Without The Use Of My Kitchen During The Remodeling?

This will of course depend on the scope of your project, but we can tell you we are faster than other kitchen remodelers. Here’s why: instead of using a bunch of sub-contractors, we have our own Jericho Master Installers that are employees. They are experienced, cross-trained experts that can handle every detail of your remodel.

What this means is we don’t have to wait for other contractors to be available for your project. And it means we have complete control over the scheduling of your project.

Another efficient option we offer is kitchen refinishing. A kitchen refinish can be completed in about 1/3 the time of a full kitchen remodel.

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How Many Sub-Contractors Will Be In My Home?

As we mentioned above, we don’t use sub-contractors for your installation. (Note: we use them in unusual circumstances like a gas line that needs moved or something of that nature. We do not use them as a normal part of kitchen remodeling).
It is very common for Kansas City kitchen remodelers to use sub-contractors. This means that other contractors will parade a lot of different installers through your home during your project. With us, you’ll have an elite crew of 1 to 3 Master Installers that will handle your entire project.

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My Kitchen Is Small – Can You Do Anything To Help Make It More Spacious?

We often transform kitchens into more spacious areas. It’s possible we’ll be able to remove a wall or add a bump out. The best thing to do is let one of our expert designers consult with you and see the space. Give us a call.

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Do You Have Any Photos Of Your Kitchen Remodels?

Yes! Visit our Kitchen Remodel Gallery. You also might like looking at our Kitchen Remodel Case Studies page.

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