Remembering John Bartrom, and Moving Forward


Remembering John Bartrom,
and Moving Forward

By Alec Burton, President of Jericho Home Improvements

The Jericho family suffered a tragic loss recently with the death of owner, founder, and friend John Bartrom.

In 2009, John launched Jericho Home Improvements with a dream to grow it into a successful business while maintaining the highest industry standards. A company that would do things differently. He took immense pride in opening a business and consistently worked to uphold each and every one of its core values.

The core value John was most passionate about was giving back; he was born with the gift of generosity. He might not give you the shirt off his back, but he would get you five others that were your size and favorite color, along with a pair of shoes, and some cash just in case. He loved to help others and fill any need. John was also passionate about giving to organizations: Living Water International, World Harvest Ministries, Dare to Share, and Global Orphan Project, just to name a few.

My name is Alec Burton. I have worked at Jericho since 2014 and was named President of the company in 2020. John was my mentor, my colleague, and my friend. The loss is devastating, but it is my job now to lead the company into the future. John and I built a talented team together over the last ten years. I have no doubt that in the next 10 years, we will continue to build a company and a legacy that John would be proud of.

Our hearts are heavy, but our mission is unchanged.

John’s priorities are still our priorities: Customers, Employees, and Abandoned Children.

The heart of Jericho still beats on.

We invite you to join us.



Alec Burton

PS. Everyone knew John through his TV commercials. Enjoy these, below, that show what his
real priorities (in life and in business) were. He truly “walked the walk.”

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