Kieffer Case Study

This Couple Wanted A Spacious Kitchen With Lots Of Natural Light.
And We Delivered Results They Absolutely Loved.

Shawn & Jane Kieffer of Brookside, Missouri Chose Jericho Home Improvement.

About 25 years ago, Shawn & Jane Kieffer found their perfect home in a quaint Brookside neighborhood. It was a 100 year old home on a corner lot. It had character and the space they needed for a large family.

After a few decades in the house, they decided it was time to completely change their kitchen. The old one was cramped and closed off. Adding to the problem was a stairwell in the kitchen area that would make a new layout challenging. The solution would have to include an addition to their current kitchen space to accommodate their vision of a more wide-open kitchen.

So in 2013, Shawn & Jane were ready to move forward and get it done. They contacted three contractors, all of them referrals from other homeowners. After having some frustrating meetings with the other contractors, they found a fit with Jericho Home Improvement. The homeowners liked our designer, our proven reputation, and our attention-to-detail.

Once the decision for Jericho was made, it was time to get down to business. We gave them a detailed drawing of what the kitchen would look like, and then contracted an architect to do renderings. We recommended moving the stairwell to a new location to widen the kitchen.

We also helped them pick the right colors, countertops, and style of cabinetry.

As with many projects, an unexpected bump had to be overcome. When excavating the backyard as part of the project, we discovered a 1000 gallon oil tank that was used in the early days of this 100 year old home. Fortunately, it was empty and we had it hauled away.

The Results

Shawn & Jane loved the results. They ended up with an 800 square foot kitchen that was both spacious and flooded with natural light. We were able to put large windows all along the back of the new addition. The open, airy feeling created by all the windows makes spending time in the kitchen a true pleasure. We were also able to match the original details of their home, so the overall character and integrity of this 100 year old home was maintained.

Shawn & Jane did not just love the results; they also liked Jericho’s process. They said they learned a lot and enjoyed the communication from Jericho Home Improvement every step of the way. They have since recommended us to many friends and neighbors.