Master Bathroom Remodel

Case Study: Master Bathroom Remodel In Kansas City

See How Jericho Blew Away This Homeowner’s Expectations.

Al wasn’t a big fan of his master bathroom when he moved into his new home. He lived with it, though, because the tile and plumbing work he needed was more complex than what he was capable of doing himself.

However, after 2.5 years of living in his home, Al decided to make a change. He was recommended to contact Jericho Home Improvements of Kansas City for a quote on a bathroom remodel. We were only too happy to oblige!

During the initial consultation, we took measurements and presented Al with options and preliminary figures. After sleeping on things, Al decided to move forward with us.

Masterful Master Bathroom Installation

For Al’s bathroom remodel, some of what we installed and remodeled included the following:

  • New floor tiles
  • New tub surround
  • New walk-in shower
  • New vanity

Each day of Al’s bathroom remodel, our expert installers promptly arrived at his home at 8 AM. We worked with precision, dedication, and diligence every day of the remodel. We made sure to keep the non-project areas of Al’s home clean and minimize our messes.

Al said some of the things that most impressed him about our installers were:

  • The amount of progress made on the job each day
  • The precise cuts, clean lines, and tight edges the installers executed
  • The clear, consistent communication and overall professionalism of the crew and project manager

The End Result? A GREAT Result

The final result exceeded Al’s expectations. Al said, “I ended up with the exact color scheme that I wanted, a vanity configuration that makes the most sense for me, and a shower that I spend as much time admiring as I do using!”

It may have taken Al over two years to remodel his master bathroom, but the results were more than worth the wait.

For YOUR free design consultation, get in touch with us today. We would be honored to discuss your project with you.

Project Photos

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Remodel Vanity Drawers Cabinets Kansas City Jericho Home Improvements

Walk-In Shower With Glass Door

Bathroom Remodel Walk In Shower Glass Door Kansas City Jericho Home Improvements

Bathroom Closet

Bathroom Remodel Closet Kansas City Jericho Home Improvements