Rzeszut Case Study

Couple Hires Jericho Again…
And Gets A Beautiful New Bathroom

Mike & Jeanette Rzeszut of Lenexa, Kansas
Choose Jericho Home Improvement For 3rd Time!

Mike & Jeanette Rzeszut had already done two previous remodels with Jericho Home Improvements when they decided it was time to do a serious makeover of a bathroom in their Lenexa, Kansas home.

They had been thinking about re-doing this bathroom for quite some time. For one thing, they had an old tub/shower that was too small. What they really wanted was a more spacious shower. The bathroom also did not have enough counter-space. But it wasn’t just the old tub and the lack of counter-space. The whole bathroom just felt too dated for Mike & Jeanette’s taste, and it finally became time to move forward.

Once that decision was made, there wasn’t much question about who they would call. They loved the quality and craftsmanship of the two previous remodels that Jericho had completed for them. They didn’t even call any other remodeling companies.

Now that it was time to do the project, it was clear to Jericho’s expert team that this would require a comprehensive re-design to accommodate the new, larger shower and to create more counter-space. And given that Mike & Jeanette wanted a totally updated look, everything in the current bathroom would have to be replaced with all new products.

The Results

Jericho Home Improvements got to work using their expertise and careful processes to make sure Mike & Jeanette got everything they wanted… and in the end they did. A sparkling, beautiful, and spacious walk-in shower. More counter-space that is both functional and attractive. And a complete transformation – goodbye dated look, hello completely fresh, gorgeous bathroom.

Mike & Jeanette described themselves as “completely happy with the process and the final result.” They also said they would be referring Jericho Home Improvements to family and friends.