Schrotberger Case Study

When Glass Block Wall Started Falling Apart,
It Was Time For A Change

Bruce & Georgia Schrotberger of Olathe, Kansas
Hire Jericho Home Improvement

Bruce & Georgia Schrotberger had been thinking about remodeling their master bathroom for 2 or 3 years. It looked plain old – it seriously need an update. But the time never seemed right… at least until the glass block wall in the bathroom started falling apart.

Now it was not just about updating, this might be getting a little dangerous!

So Bruce & Georgia called two contractors, one of which was Jericho Home Improvements. After careful consideration, they selected Jericho. In the end, they decided they wanted the best, professional grade products that would really last. They described their Olathe, Kansas home as their “forever house” and they didn’t want to have to remodel again in the future.

They also felt more comfortable with Jericho Home Improvements because they knew Jericho did NOT subcontract out the work and would handle everything from start to finish. They also took advantage of Jericho’s financing options to meet their specific monthly budget for the project. It all came together and made Jericho the perfect decision for this couple.

Once the decision on the contractor was made, it was time to get to work on meeting the Schrotberger’s goals. They wanted:

  • To have a functional bathroom with more storage space.
  • A gorgeous look that was completely updated.
  • A better design – they didn’t like that their large tub took up so much space.

Jericho Home Improvements came up with a design that met all of the Schrotberger’s goals. Master Installer Brandon Brooks handled much of the project and it went incredibly well. The couple was impressed with the overall experience.

The Results

The Schrotberger’s were pleased with the experience and service, but it was the finished bathroom that they really loved. They described themselves as “amazed” by the results. The bathroom was completely transformed and looked beautiful and stunning. It also had the layout and function they had hoped for. It was a tremendously successful bathroom remodel.