When Our Employee Learned The Value Of A Great Tub

When One Of Our Own Learned The Value
Of A Great Tub The Hard Way

How Choosing A Quality Bath
Led To An Awakening!

The story starts like this: Like other Kansas City homeowners, a while ago, one of our very own Jericho employees (we’ll call her Cindy for the sake of anonymity) remodeled her personal bathroom.

She replaced her floor, vanity, and toilet but left the original tub and acrylic surround enclosure.


Like any normal human being, she wanted to save her hard-earned cash and thought keeping her original tub would do the trick.

But here’s the thing – Cindy loves taking baths! And over the years, the regrets of keeping her old bathtub weighed heavy on her.

So, when the time came to remodel her bathroom once again, she knew not to make the same mistake twice. This time, Cindy knew a tub replacement was a MUST!

But where to start?

But What Tub Should
Cindy Get Now?

As with many homeowners, Cindy had to start at square one and decide what she wanted out of a tub. What type? What material? What size? Oh, the overwhelm! She felt the plight of every customer that walks through the doors of Jericho.

But like any other customer, one of our designers sat with Cindy to discuss what she was looking for in a new tub and listened to her wants and needs.

Sometimes, deciding what you want involves filtering out what you don’t.

Have you ever stepped into a hotel tub that gives a bit and makes you think you might plummet to the floor below? Cindy DID NOT want that!

She wanted strength, solidity, and quality – fortunately for Cindy, she worked and shopped in just the right place to give her that!

Her fellow co-workers were able to select the perfect tub for Cindy’s new bathroom. It’s strong, thick, heavy, and not even in the same universe as those cheap $300 flimsy tubs from big-box stores.

after close up mindys bath jericho kansas city

Uh-Oh – Cindy Runs Into A Problem
With Her New Tub

From the moment Jericho’s Master Craftsmen installed her new tub, Cindy knew without a doubt she had made the right decision not to skimp on quality.

She didn’t even have to turn the water on to feel the security and precision of the installation. Unlike other bath remodeling companies, we set all our tubs in concrete to give them the ultimate foundation.

So, what was the problem?

The water stayed too hot!

After filling her new tub with hot water like she normally did with her old one, the water stayed at the temperature at which it started…for a long time. She poured ice cubes in there, and it was still too hot!

Cindy thought she’d let it sit for a while to cool down. She mowed the lawn, watched a movie, and poured even more ice cubes into it, and still, no dice. Her new tub was unrelenting, holding onto its heat like a squirrel and his acorn.

After that initial incident, Cindy learned quickly to adjust the water temperature to exactly how she wanted it without assuming it would ever cool. Her new tub wasn’t messing around.

There’s no more draining cooled-off tub water and refilling with hot water while trying to relax. It’s a one-and-done deal, and Cindy loves it!

Today, Cindy is still amazed that her new bathroom is actually HERS. It’s the spa-like relaxation zone she always wanted and definitely deserves!

If you’re looking for a Kansas City bath or kitchen remodel and want to experience the joys of quality, like Cindy, we’re ready to help at Jericho Home Improvements. Contact us today for a free kitchen or bath remodel quote.