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Gorgeous Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in Agency, MO

So much has changed in bathroom and kitchen design trends in the last few years.  You may be considering remodeling your bathroom or kitchen as there have been many technological innovations and incredible new materials are now available to help you enjoy your home to the fullest.  Here at Jericho Home Improvements, we are experts in kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling and our team is filled with licensed and experienced craftsmen and project managers to ensure that you are able to fulfill your vision of your space. We will plan out your project for you, keep a communication line open with you throughout the project, and also ensure that you are completely satisfied with both the process and the end result. Jericho Home Improvements looks at your vision, your lifestyle and also some customizations that can help you to create the best space imaginable.  In Agency, MO, Jericho focuses on our wonderful clients and we offer some incredible services as well.  So, why choose us?

Why Choose Us

We are experts in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Actually, it is our pride and joy and nothing satisfies us more than knowing our customers are happy with our work. Most of our work has been done through referrals, and this says a lot about who we are and it makes us proud to be a team that truly cares about the homeowners that actually are our neighbors. Pride of service and dedication to quality is what you will find when you work with Jericho Home Improvement in Agency, MO.

Years Of Experience

We have been servicing Missouri and Kansas for many years so we have worked on thousands of home improvement projects. However, just because we have this level of experience, each project is still unique and precious to our team. We are the largest home remodeling company in the area which gives us a solid perspective on how to work with many different types of clientele. Your vision and your lifestyle are two key elements when putting together a project. The next step is looking at your budget and your timeline and what you would like the end results to be. Our licensed and master craftsmen ensure that you are being taken care of and our design team can help you to select the most beautiful products and materials available for your project.

We Customize Your Project

Customization is so important and here at Jericho Home Improvements we hand select the best materials for your home. Since we work with only the highest-grade manufacturers and natural stone companies, we make the process easy. Your design, your vision and your lifestyle are key indicators of how to customize your project. Sometimes homeowners undergo a change of life experience and they need an accessible bathroom or kitchen. We can make your bathroom or kitchen ADA-compliant which can include non-slip flooring, grab bars, and also walk-in tubs and showers. Widening doors for wheelchair accessibility and making a safe and comfortable space is important to many of our customers, and we take pride in the fact that we can help. Looking for luxury? That can be accomplished as well with high-grade fixtures, steam showers or Japanese soaking tubs. It’s really up to you when it comes to your vision and we can help get you to that final design!

Quality Work Is All We Do

Quality, quality, and more quality! Yes, this is part of who we are and what we wake up for each and every day. It’s not just about the work on the project. It’s not just about the customer service. It’s about every aspect from that first phone call to taking a look at our website. We want the experience to be fun and stress-free and with over 9 project managers and over 50 master craftsmen, we have experts that can help you every step of the way. Our communication is consistent and our level of quality is incredibly high. We also offer a warranty and guarantee on both our process and the materials that come with it, so this is why we have become so trusted in the Agency, MO area.

High-Grade Materials & Fixtures

Once again, quality. It’s so important to us here at Jericho. We only use the best materials and fixtures and the manufacturers we choose for sourcing fixtures are the highest on the list. New trends come and go, but the one thing we always look for is quality. That makes a big difference in your home remodeling project for your kitchen or bathroom. Our lives change and technology is consistently working on adapting to our lifestyle, and now there are even accommodations for that in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Some options include voice-controlled applications, synching to home devices and your phone, and also planning out grocery shopping, changing of filters, and increasing functionality in all of your spaces. It’s all about making things easier for you as a homeowner. There are so many options these days and we will help you figure out which ones to apply to your project, within your budget.

Our Reputation Precedes Us

Our reviews say it all!  Jericho Home Improvements is incredibly proud to serve the Agency, MO area and beyond. Since we have so many years of experience and thousands of projects under our belt, it’s important to know that we are consistent with what we do.  At first, it was all about referrals and being able to build a business off referrals really shows how committed we are to our customers.  We appreciate them so much. Even our Better Business Bureau ratings and our status as well as our awards and accolades, make us stand out from the other home improvement companies out there.

Free In-Home Design Consultation

That’s right! We come directly to you. We can help you plan out this project from the comfort of your own home. This is an exciting and fun process where you are able to choose your materials and we can do an entire in-home consultation right then and there. Ready to have fun with us while we take measurements? Check out color palettes and design options? Excited to explore all of the new tech available to you? That’s what we are all about with our free in-home design consultation which will help us create an estimate for both your budget and your timeframe. It’s one of the best parts of the process– besides the day that your project is completed!

A Testimonial From A Wonderful Client In Agency, MO

“Our old beat up and tired 1990’s kitchen was transformed into a modern kitchen by Jericho. Our installer David made the process of the project so easy. Great communicator, great professional, worked hard and was amazingly quiet. He was on time every day. The attention to detail of his installation of the backsplash tile was awesome. It is something I really enjoy looking at every day. The design layout made the kitchen much more functional and doubled our storage. Our Jericho crew made the process pretty painless all the way from the designer (Adrian), to Mike and Charlie (project managers), to our CAD expert Preston, to Casey who asked our final thoughts on our project. I said I loved it over and over and kept pointing out all the things I loved about it.”

-The Phillips of Agency, MO

Available Services

We have many services to offer homeowners. Since we provide such an array of services for your kitchen and bathroom, as well as ADA-compliant upgrades, it’s important to know about all of our services. Please take a look at the list below of all of our amazing services.


Do you offer any discounts?

We actually do! We always consider your budget and this is why we offer some amazing discounts.  We want you to stick within your price range for your project! So, if you are looking for some incredible savings, just go to our Special Offers Page to see what is available. 

I’m outside of the Agency, MO area; can you still work on my home?

Yes!  We actually have a large service area in both Missouri and Kansas.  If you would like to see all of our services area, please check out this link below:

Jericho Service Areas

Ready To Get Started?

Jericho is committed to a high-quality experience with our customers and we want to make sure YOUR experience is exactly the same.  Our reputation is part of who we are and our ethics and morals are all about making sure you are satisfied and that the project is exactly what you had hoped for right from the beginning.  We enjoy working with wonderful homeowners from all over Kansas and Missouri and, remember, we are licensed and have a large team of highly-trained experts to make sure the job is done right.  

Excited to set up a free consultation?  If you’re in or directly around the Agency, MO area, feel free to reach out to us online or by phone at (913) 308-0344. 

Check out our online showroom to come up with some inspiration for your next project!  We can get you scheduled for a free quote and we look forward to hearing from you soon!