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This Agency, MO Remodeler Will Turn Your
Bathroom From Bland To Beautiful

Old Bathroom Bringing You Down? Begin Again With
A Fresh Remodel

If your Agency, MO bathroom looks like it belongs in another era, consider a premier bathroom remodel with Jericho Home Improvements.   

The bathroom is a special place, some even calling it a sacred space, which makes sense given it’s one of the few places where you get total privacy to yourself. 

Hygiene is one of the most important factors of mental health, so shouldn’t the space where you perform all your hygienic activities be uplifting? 

If your bathroom is hard to navigate, cramped or doesn’t have a good vibe, then it’s definitely time to rethink that remodeling project you’ve had in the back of your mind.  

We’re going to lay out why we’re easily the best option to be your bathroom remodeler in Agency, MO, and it all starts with the excellence of our materials and team.

Let’s Start With Our High-Quality Materials Of Choice

At Jericho Home Improvements, the materials we elect to utilize are the basis of everything else we do – therefore, we don’t skimp out on the quality of materials we choose to work with. Without the finest materials on the market, we won’t be able to give our deserving team the tools they need to excel at their craft. 

We make sure our materials are:

  • Only sourced from proven manufacturers with whom we have a working relationship.
  • Modern, stylish, trending, and attractive – staying relevant for years to come.
  • Durable to endure years of hard use. 

After selecting only the best-in-class materials for your Agency, MO bathroom, our elite team of craftsmen get to work. 

Our Top 5% Set Us Apart From The Rest

If you haven’t yet heard, we employ a team of only the top 5% of applicants. What does this mean for you and your Agency, MO bathroom? We don’t take unnecessary gambles with sub-contractors – you will get solid and consistent service from start to finish.

Master Installers Are Greater Than Subcontractors

What would you rather have – a long line of workers from various sub-contractors walking onto your property day after day for the duration of your “remodel?” Or would you rather have a team of dedicated, flexible master installers who all operate under the same core values? 

We take it you chose the latter — you deserve constant communication, collaboration, and efficiency involved throughout every step of the process. 

Our team members are also craftsmen of another key aspect – professionalism.

We Aren’t Just Experts. We’re Nice Experts

Our professionalism is unrivaled. Not only is our crew amazing at what they do – they’re exceptional at being kind, courteous, and professional.

Add in the fact that a project manager is assigned to each project, and our professionalism goes next level. Having a project manager assigned to each remodel means there is a centralizing element that only adds to the consistency of the final product. 

However, the winning touch is even more amazing – designers to the rescue. 

We’re Not Just Builders. We’re Artsy Builders.

How many other contractors in Agency, MO, offer a free professional design with every project?

Jericho Home Improvements recognizes that in order for our master builders to build, they need to have a master designer to design. 

The design and the build go together like a bagel and cream cheese – one cannot exist without the other. We’re in the business of complete satisfaction, so our job isn’t complete when it’s just built. Our job is complete when it’s built as a work of art.

That said, we don’t just design for aesthetic’s sake. We design with safety and comfort in mind, which leads us to another proud point we’d like to point out – our customization of accessibility. 

We’ve Got Accessibility In Mind

No two people are alike, and as a result, we decided to keep this in mind in everything we do. Our easy-access bathrooms are entirely custom-made with your needs at the forefront.

We offer many customizations in this space – to name only a few, we:

  • Offer ADA products
  • Have non-slip flooring options
  • Build handicap-accessible, zero-entry showers

These are only three small examples of how we go above and beyond for your accessibility needs. Your safety and comfort are paramount to us, and we do everything to make sure your bathroom provides that convenience.

Get The Bathroom Of Your Dreams Started Today

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