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Your Kitchen Is The Centerpiece Of Your Home

Your Agency, MO kitchen is the center of socialization. It’s where the meals are prepped, and conversations are had, where we catch up on each other’s lives and make plans with our friends and family for the future. 

A kitchen is a place for lively energy – where gathering and connection live. You’re thrilled to be inviting more friends and family to your home. But there’s a slight pang in your gut at this thought – you’re a little embarrassed by your kitchen’s current state.

Sure, you may have cleaned it well, making it presentable, but it’s very… dated. You’ve had a kitchen remodeling project in mind for some time but haven’t gotten around to it because of fears at the time, labor, and cost involved. 

We at Jericho Home Improvements understand your concerns entirely. A kitchen remodeling project is no small undertaking, especially with so many contractors who say they will give you the best of the best but don’t deliver on this promise.

We strive to be the best contractor in Kansas City and Agency, MO, with each and every remodel. We deliver superior results for our kitchen remodeling projects every time.

Here’s how.

The Bottom 95% Doesn’t Cut It

We hire the top 5% of talent. Plain and simple – this makes a huge difference in the final result of your kitchen remodel. 

After all, our team members will be doing the actual work on your Agency, MO kitchen remodeling project. Doesn’t it make sense that they are vetted as the best of the best?

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the crew working on your kitchen is the single most crucial factor upon which your satisfaction and the project’s success hinge.

Subcontractors Are Not An Option For Us

At Jericho Home Improvements, our workmanship is unmatched when remodeling your Agency, MO kitchen.

We’ve already covered how we hire the top 5%. From there, we ensure all work is completed with the utmost professionalism and workmanship.

We attribute this success to the fact that by keeping our workers in-house, we can keep a close eye on all happenings of a project with our family of a team.

No more long lines of subcontractors from who knows where coming into your home to just “get the job done.”

Now that you know how we at Jericho Home Improvements are a cut above the rest in Agency, MO, and Kansas City, what services can we offer for your kitchen?

Two Great Kitchen Remodeling Options
Providing Only What You Need

We don’t believe in upselling because everyone is unique to what their Agency, MO kitchen remodeling project needs – some kitchens need more work done, others less. Why should you pay the same as someone getting a complete remodel? Well, with us, you don’t have to!

Our First Kitchen Makeover Option: The Refinish

If all you require is a new look for your Agency, MO kitchen, look no further than our kitchen refinishing service.

This is for more cosmetic work, for example, if you don’t necessitate the entire kitchen rearranged. 

Here are some examples of what might call for our kitchen refinishing:

  • A new exterior look for your cabinets without building them anew – sometimes, a simple surface replacement is all you need to bring your kitchen up to date.
  • New countertops with various material options, such as granite quartz and marble – we highly value granite countertops.
  • Matching tile backsplash for your countertop selection – because the details matter. Our design team can offer help with this selection.
  • Freshly refinished wood floors –  they’re strong, durable, and can last for generations

The best part about a kitchen refinish and not remodel? It’s one-third the cost and time to complete! As we’ve said before and will say again, we only want you to get what you absolutely need. We stand by this with integrity. But if you need a complete overhaul, our second option is for you.

Our Second Kitchen Makeover Option: The Full Remodel

When your Agency, MO kitchen needs a full overhaul, we at Jericho Home Improvements can get it done best. Our full kitchen remodel may be for you if you require any of these things:

  • A completely new layout to your kitchen with custom cabinets, including custom islands – if you’ve had enough of your difficult kitchen layout which doesn’t fit your cooking workflow, a new structure will solve this for you. We can help you completely reimagine your kitchen’s layout.
  • Granite, quartz, and marble for the countertops, and tile, hardwood, and laminate for the flooring – with a full kitchen remodel, more options are better. 
  • All plumbing amenities – if there’s water involved, we’ll take care of it. 
  • Let there be light – from upper and lower cabinetry to display and aesthetic lighting; we take care of all lighting needs in your new Agency, MO kitchen. 

What’s more, our professional design service is included, for free, with every full kitchen remodel!

Ready To Make Your Kitchen The Place To Gather?

You’re ready to reimagine your kitchen with us at Jericho Home Improvements, the best of the best in Agency, MO, kitchen remodeling. Okay then, let’s do this!

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