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Fantastic Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling In Alma, MO

Excited to remodel your kitchen or bathroom?  Maybe you have been thinking about upgrading your bathtub and shower or a vanity or two, or possibly doing a full remodel in your kitchen?  There are so many amazing new trends in bathroom and kitchen design these days and here at Jericho Home Improvements in Alma, MO, we can help guide you through the process and help you select the best options for your home.  Our dedicated team of experienced and licensed experts can help make your vision a reality.  Plus we love design!  Remodeling a home should be stress-free and here at Jericho Home Improvements we make sure to consider technological innovations, customization upgrades, your vision, as well as your lifestyle.  It’s important to really figure out what you want out of a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.  Jericho offers amazing services to our clients in home design and remodeling.  But, why should you choose us?

Why You Should Choose Jericho Home Improvements

We are experts in home remodeling and design. Because we have trained and licensed experts, you will receive not only high-quality customer service, but the highest-level design and remodeling in the area. Our craftsmanship is well known here in Alma, MO, and it’s important to us to not only educate our wonderful customers with what is on trend and what has changed with technological advances in both the kitchen and bathroom, but how you can make your home work for you. There are so many reasons to choose Jericho Home Improvements.

Quality First

Jericho has nine project managers and over 50 master craftsmen on our staff. We are trained and licensed to ensure that your home is our priority and that everything goes according to plan. We have dedicated quality processes that go into our project management and the development of your remodel, and you will also receive the highest-level materials. Since we plan out our projects on a timeline, this means that you will be able to communicate with our team throughout your project. We will always keep a line of communication open and make sure you are aware of anything and everything going on during this time period. We also want to make sure that after the job is done, we keep in touch with our clients to make sure they are completely satisfied with our work. Professionalism and quality is our promise here at Jericho Home Improvements in Alma, MO.

Our Experience

Did you know that Jericho is actually the largest remodeler in the Missouri and Kansas area? Our team is able to complete hundreds of bathroom and kitchen remodels each year because we plan for it. We know that our master craftsmen have the skills that are needed for these projects so we hire only the best to make sure we are fully prepared for your home remodeling project. Because of years of experience with high-quality projects and wonderful customer experiences, we know that we can offer the best service to you. Our design team can put together a customized kitchen or bathroom, help with accommodations for accessibility, pick out color pallets and layouts, and help with the selection of fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom. Your lifestyle and the way in which your house functions for your family is important. Let Jericho and our experience help you to design the best space for your lifestyle.

We Customize

Every customer we work with is unique. Your vision is part of who you are, what you enjoy, and how you envision your home to be. That’s important to us. We want to make sure that we are learning about who you are and how you live because these home remodeling projects will change not only how you view your home, but how you can incorporate your home into your lifestyle and daily routine. There have been so many technological advances over the last few years and we can educate you on them. Your kitchen can now serve as a tech hubspot for your entire home. It’s incredible the changes that have been made through the years! Accessibility and functionality in the bathroom have also changed and if you have recently had a lifestyle change, there are many options available. We can also help turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience with a steam shower, a bathtub with hydrotherapy or even that highly sought after double-vanity you have been thinking about. Even small changes can really make a huge impact in your home and your lifestyle.

Only The Best Materials & Fixtures

Once again, regardless of your vision or lifestyle, Jericho only provides top-of-the-line materials and fixtures. Of course we will help you stay within your budget for your project, but we want to ensure that you are getting only the best. If you are looking for luxury, we can do that too! There are so many customizable options these days. We offer walk-in tubs with aromatherapy, hydrojets, and you can even extend your bathroom size. There are so many ways to upgrade without losing complete control of your budget, so why not create a calming and luxurious space while working with the top-rated home improvement company in Alma, MO?

Remember, when you upgrade your bathroom or kitchen, you are also increasing the property value of your home. Even if you plan on staying in your home for the long run and are enjoying the luxury all to yourself, if you ever decide to sell, this is the number one sought-after upgrade in your home.

Our In-Home Consultation

Here at Jericho, we make it easy. We come directly to you and can help you decide exactly what you want for your home bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. We provide insights to which materials are best for your project and can help you to design the best space with the most incredible flooring and fixtures. It’s all about understanding your vision and lifestyle. Working together, our in-home consultation will help you decide exactly what you are looking for within your timeframe and budget. The best part of the process for us is when our homeowners see the changes happening and then, on the final day, having them walk in with a huge smile on their face knowing that this is their new bathroom or kitchen. That’s what pushes us to be the best; it’s because we want the best for you!

The Reputation of Jericho

Jericho Home Improvements is incredibly proud to serve the Alma, MO area.  Because we have worked on thousands of home improvement projects throughout Kansas and Missouri, we are quite well-known in the area. Our Better Business Bureau rating and our status, as well as our awards and accolades, help to separate us from the other companies out there.  And we are always excited to be part of the process and to be included in such wonderful communities.

A Testimonial From A Client in Alma, MO

“I am extremely happy with the master bath remodel that Jericho just completed in my home. The attention to detail, quality materials, and excellent communication made this project turn out better than I could have hoped.

I had been staring at the many things that I didn’t like about my old bathroom for 2.5 years after moving in, but I knew that the amount of tile work and plumbing necessary was going to be beyond my DIY capabilities. I was pointed in the direction of Jericho, and I reached out to get a quote. On the first visit, measurements were taken and some preliminary numbers were provided. The sticker shock was a lot to wrap my head around that night, but the value on the final product made up for it and more.

The crew that performed the installation of the new tile on the floor, tub surround, and shower, and vanity were phenomenal. They showed up promptly at 8am and worked diligently throughout the day, and they kept the non-project areas of the house clean. There was significant progress at the end of each day. The precision cuts, clean lines, and tight edges are not something I could have had enough time to complete, and these guys knocked it out in no time flat. The crew and project managers were excellent throughout the project at providing dates for key milestones and consistently providing communication. I ended up with the exact color scheme that I wanted, a vanity configuration that makes the most sense for me, and a shower that I spend as much time admiring as I do using! The value of this project to me is enormous, and I am confident it will also carry a great ROI if/when I decide to move homes in the future.

-The Lodes of Alma, MO

Our Services

Jericho Home Improvements provides many services and products for your home and we even have ADA-compliant products for changes in lifestyle and/or accessibility concerns. New trends have come to light and there are many new technological advances, so it’s important to take a look at some of our amazing services available to you in the Alma, MO area.


I’m worried about the cost.  Do you offer any specials or discounts?

Absolutely!  We are committed to helping you stay on budget.  If you are looking for some incredible savings, just go to our Special Offers Page to see what is available.

Are you able to come to my home if I am outside the Alma, MO area?

Yes, we can! We service a very large area in both Kansas and Missouri.  If you would like to see all of our services area, please check out this link below:

Jericho Service Areas

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