Alma, MO – Bathroom Remodeling

How This Alma, MO Remodeler Will Make
Your Bathroom Astonishingly Gorgeous

We Heard You’re Ready For A New Bathroom. We’ll Get To Work

We heard your Alma, MO bathroom requires a remodel, so you’re in luck to be here. 

We’ll explain why it would be unwise to choose any contractor other than Jericho Home Improvements – the leader in Alma, MO and surrounding Kansas City areas for all of your bathroom remodeling needs. 

It All Starts With The Materials We Use

At Jericho Home Improvements, we don’t hold back on the quality of materials we choose to work with. Without the highest-quality materials for your Alma, MO bathroom, the rest of the work would be null.  

We ensure our materials are:

  • Derived from top manufacturers – from big names in the industry to trusted sources we’ve already worked with, so we know they’re legit. 
  • Modern – let’s face it, there’s no point in fixing up your bathroom if it doesn’t look good. Our professional design team makes sure the samples they bring out and the materials used are the coolest of the cool.  
  • Durable – got kids? No problem. No kids, but like to splash around in the bathtub? No concerns there, either. The materials we choose are built to take a beating and last for years to come. 

Elite materials are great and all, but what would they be without an elite team putting them to expert use? From the selection process to the design and build – you’re getting the best designers and builders throughout the entire process.

The People We Choose To Bring On Are Top-Notch

Our team is comprised of only the top 5% of applicants, which translates to your Alma, MO bathroom getting supreme treatment, as you would deserve for putting your trust in us. 

Our Master Installers Beat Subcontractors. Every Time.

When anyone is working on a project that takes imagination, effort, collaboration, and excellence, there needs to be an intentional focus. Without this, the project becomes disjointed and confused.

There must be harmony in the conception of the design and execution of it thereafter.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we deeply understand this after having been in the game for so long, which is why we don’t use sub-contractors who will end up parading in and out of your home.

With our entire team being in-house, we can ensure there is no cutting of corners.  

Without effective communication, things go wrong – it’s a rule that doesn’t only apply to home improvement but to everything in life. Kindness goes a long way, and our professionalism is the vehicle by which we convey this sentiment. 

Our Professionalism Matches Our Expertise

While often overlooked, professionalism can indicate if the job done on your Alma, MO bathroom will be successful or not. That’s why our master craftsmen are not just masters of the tasks at hand – they’re also masters of customer service. 

Even the most talented builders won’t make the cut in our hiring process if he or she has a poor attitude.  We do our utmost to be the most professional contractor at all times, which calls for not just talent but kindness.

Did We Mention We Design, Too?

Our builders don’t just build for nothing – they’re constantly working on something stunning because with every bathroom remodel, we offer a free professional design consultation.

After all, what good would a proper build be without an artistic design to back it? You can rest assured we take care of both the beauty and the brawn.

We’ve Been Vetted By Thousands
Of Happy Homeowners

How do you know if someone is genuinely pleased with the work done on their home? They go on camera to talk about it.

That’s only the start – Jericho Home Improvements has commanded itself in Alma, MO, and Kansas City as the authority of bathroom remodelers

From dozens of case studies to an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we stand confidently behind all our work and all we do. 

We Even Made A Consumer Guide. We’re That Confident.

Unfortunately, the home improvement industry is subject to many poor business practices. There are many contractors sneakily trying to cut corners – when it comes to ensuring you’re getting everything you paid for, you need to be in the know.

When considering a remodel of your Alma, MO bathroom, refer to our custom-made Contractor Standards Guide to ensure you’re not being taken for a ride with a one-way ticket to a ripoff.

Ready To Put Your Trust In Jericho Home Improvements?

We at Jericho Home Improvements are thrilled to give you a free, no-risk quote on your Alma, MO, bathroom remodel.

When we’re done remodeling your to-be stunning bathroom, you will join the ranks as one of our many highly-satisfied customers.

Now that you’re ready to update your bathroom in Alma, MO, please contact us today! You can also call us at (913) 308-0111 to get started right away!