Kitchen Remodeling Altamont

Experienced Kitchen Remodeling in Altamont, MO

Experienced Kitchen Remodeling in Altamont, MO

Your kitchen is a powerhouse, keeping your family nourished, happy and ready to take on the world. If you’re running out of storage and prep space, you require some serious functional upgrades or your kitchen is simply long overdue for a facelift, count on Jericho Home Improvements for your kitchen remodeling in Altamont, MO. As part of our core values, we strive for excellence, deliver top-quality remodeling solutions and approach every project with the same integrity that’s guided us for nearly two decades.

Remodels and Refinishing by Master Installers

Every kitchen remodeling job we perform is personalized from the ground up, designed and crafted to meet your specific needs. Our full remodels include custom-built cabinetry and islands, solid stone countertops and durable kitchen flooring options, along with plumbing and fixtures crafted for both stellar aesthetics and superior water delivery. Our renovations also incorporate under-cabinet, over-cabinet and interior lighting solutions.

If your layout and storage options still work for you but your space just needs a new look, don’t forget that we also perform kitchen refinishing in Altamont, MO. We install new countertops, exterior cabinet refinishing, new flooring and other cosmetic updates.

Kansas City Homeowners Trust Jericho

Jericho Home Improvements isn’t just a provider of premium kitchen remodels and refinishing in the Kansas City area. We also offer bathroom remodeling in Altamont, MO. Want to see what we can do for you? Use our contact form or phone us at (913) 596-0000.