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Fantastic Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling In Bonner Springs, KS

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom or kitchen?  Perhaps you want to make some updates with new countertops, flooring and fixtures or just want to make your space a bit more unique.  Here at Jericho Home Improvements, we specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling and our team of experienced and licensed experts are excited to help you create the bathroom or kitchen that you have in mind.  From visual aesthetics to construction, our team can help you through the process and we aim to make it stress-free and a lot of fun.  Jericho Home Improvements considers your lifestyle, your vision, and what types of customization you would like to make, leading to creating the best space for you and your family.  Here in Bonner Springs, KS, we are able to offer some outstanding services to our amazing clients.  But, why should you choose Jericho Home Improvements?

Why Choose US

First, we are experts! Now, there are many organizations out there that may introduce themselves as such, but we actually have master craftsmen working for us and we do not subcontract our work. We provide excellent customer service and craftsmanship and so much more. There are many reasons to choose Jericho Home Improvements here in Bonner Springs, KS.

High-Level Quality Standards

Our team of over 50 master craftsmen and 9 project managers make up the staff here at Jericho. Now, this means that we do not subcontract our work and this gives us full quality control of the process. Our high-level quality standards ensure that you are getting the best materials at the best prices and that your job is done on time. Since we have such a level of control over the project and timeline, this allows us to get your project completed quicker with the highest quality possible. Plus, we inform you every step of the way. Communication is part of our high-quality promise here at Jericho Home Improvement in Bonner Springs, KS.

A Wealth of Experience

Our team remodels hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms every year and we are actually the largest customer remodeler in the area. We are local to Kansas and also do work in Missouri, where we bring years of experience from all over the country. With this experience, we can also offer a variety of ideas for customization of your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project and make some very helpful suggestions about size, layout, and even color palettes. Looking to update for other reasons? Perhaps you are looking for more accessibility? Our craftsmen are also experts in this and there is a wide variety of changes we can make to allow more room in your bathroom and the right finishes to adjust to a new lifestyle.

We Can Customize Your Project

Because Jericho Home Improvements hand selects the best materials for your products, we are able to work closely with companies that provide materials and fixtures for your home or bathroom. There are so many things to choose from. Are you looking for ADA compliance? Perhaps you are looking to make your bathroom a bit easier to access; this can be done through Jericho Home Improvements as well. Non-slip flooring and easy access tubs and showers are part of what we do here, and something you should consider if you are feeling like you are not comfortable with your bathroom or kitchen. Small changes can make a huge amount of difference within your home.

High-Grade Materials & Fixtures

Looking for luxury? Many homeowners are changing it up this last year and turning their homes truly into a fully functioning office and home. As life changes, so do our needs at home, and so kitchen and bathrooms are being remodeled more now than ever before. Our clients are adding steam showers, granite countertops, walk-in tubs with aromatherapy, an increased number of jets, and so many fancy customizations. We understand that this is part of the unwinding experience after a long day at work, so who wouldn’t want to have a calming and serene space? Bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling also are a great choice if you are looking to add property value to your home. Time and time again, we hear this question. What will help me to improve the value of my home? The answer: remodeling your kitchen and bathroom. The reason is when most people are looking for a new home, they are looking for these features already upgraded, so it’s a wonderful investment regardless of if you want to stay in your home long-term or just for a short time. Our high-grade materials and fixtures can be the perfect choice when doing this type of project.

Design In-Home Consultation

It’s time to decide how you would like your kitchen or bathroom to look after your project has reached completion. Good news! We come to you. The most exciting part of the process is choosing exactly what you want your kitchen and bathroom to look like. Countertops, cabinets and custom tubs! It’s so exciting to think about the possibilities and you may already have so many in mind. Maybe you prefer a Japanese soaking tub with teak flooring or perhaps an open shower that fills up half of your bathroom. All of those ideas can be talked about during your design in-home consultation and our design team is amazing! We work with you to make it happen!

Our Reputation

Jericho Home Improvements is proud to serve the Bonner Springs, KS area and beyond.  We have years of experience on thousands of bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects.  Because we work on hundreds of bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects each year, we are well-known in the area.  Better Business Bureau ratings and our status as well as our awards and accolades, truly make us different from the rest.  We are excited to be part of your bathroom and kitchen remodeling project as we serve our beautiful communities and neighbors to make their dreams a reality.

A Testimonial From A Client Project In Bonner Springs, KS

“We have used Jericho for two bathroom projects. Both were done in a professional manner and we are absolutely satisfied. The latest job was managed by Preston Jamison and the work done by Mason Herrington. Mason did a great job. Both are very good at what they do and they see to it that Jericho performs the work as agreed to and the customer is satisfied. We are very happy we used them. If we have any issues in the future, we will feel very comfortable contacting them about it.”
-The Bakers of Bonner Springs, KS

Available Services

Our master craftsmen and project matters know that customer service is necessary to be able to communicate with our customers and educate them about the process. We provide an array of information, services and products for your home. We even have ADA-compliant materials and fixtures, so if you would like to upgrade your bathroom so it is more accessible to your family, this can be accomplished. Right now, many people are also upgrading their kitchens because as the years go by, new trends are consistently coming through and it’s amazing how many technical improvements have been made on appliances, remodeling, and materials. Please take a look at the list below of all of our amazing services.

Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Refinishing

Full Kitchen Remodeling

Easy Access Bathrooms

Custom Showers

Granite Countertop Installation


  1. Do you offer any special discounts? We are committed to helping you stay on budget with your project.  So, if you are looking for some incredible savings, just go to our Special Offers Page to see what is available.
  2. Can you work in my bathroom or kitchen if I am outside the Bonner Springs, KS area?   Of course!  We service a very large area in both Missouri and Kansas.  If you would like to see all of our services area, please check out this link below: Jericho Service Areas

Start Your Bathroom or Kitchen Remodeling Project Now

Our reputation is something we have built up over time focusing on quality and customer service.  Because we have won several awards for our ability to create excellent home improvement projects, we have wonderful reviews on the Better Business Bureau and also GuildQuality.  Those are important to us.  We love working with families from all over Kansas and Missouri and it’s important to know that we are educated, passionate and licensed to do the job right the first time.  We are here for you any time of year to create the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams.

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