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It can be risky leaving your Grandview, MO home remodeling project up to strangers. At Jericho Home Improvements, we may not know you yet, but we certainly aren’t strangers to kitchen and bathroom remodeling

If you give us the opportunity, we’ll show you how a remodeling company with high-end products, quality installation, and customer care can make your project a success. We’re here to change how the industry works by putting our customers first.

Learn five ways we’re using new and improved home remodeling business techniques that leave our customers happy and coming back for more.

1. Our Products Go Above And Beyond Standards

Many other Grandview, MO contractors sell inferior products to their customers, making the initial cost low. However, cheaply made products tend to chip, crack, discolor, and break much faster than quality products, leading to frequent replacements.

Why spend more money in the long run and be left with a never-ending headache when you can choose the best product right from the start? Our kitchen and bathroom products are built with durable, reliable, and attractive materials, letting our customers feel confident in their choices. 

To procure the finest materials, we only buy from manufacturers we know and trust. Our customers deserve the best, and that’s what they get with our functional and long-lasting variety of products.

2. We Always Strive For Excellence

From your first interaction with us, it’ll be clear that we are passionate about what we do. The biggest difference between Jericho Home Improvements and our competitors is we don’t just do the work because we have to — we do it because we want to.

Our passion for kitchen and bathroom remodeling shines through in how we treat our customers and conduct ourselves throughout the process. It may be hard to believe, but we care the same about your home remodeling project, if not more than you do.

Anything short of an excellent result is unacceptable, and we make sure that’s what our customers always receive.

3. We’re Always Learning The Latest Innovations

At Jericho Home Improvements, we never stop learning, nor do we want to. Working in an industry that continuously changes means we need to change, too — to ensure our customers always reap the rewards of advancements in technology and process.

Not only do products change and continue to develop, but so do installation techniques making it crucial for us to stay on top of our game. Constant remodeling innovation pushes us to always stay on our toes because that’s what our customers deserve.

Our master installers are always trained in the newest installation process, from start to finish. During our projects, we consider everything, from the finest detail to the largest concept, because we know every piece matters.

4. Our Grandview, MO Community Keeps Us Grounded

Yes, we love and appreciate every one of our thousands of previous customers, but we also know those customers are part of a larger community that we care about deeply. That’s why we make it a priority to give back to our local communities. 

In addition to being active participants in our local area, we can offer financial support and other resources to organizations worldwide. We currently work with great charities and organizations such as:

  • The Global Orphan Project
  • The Mama Project
  • Living Water International
  • Habitat For Humanity

Our global and community outreach is just as fulfilling to us as each completed home remodeling project, and we feel fortunate to be in place to be able to give back.

5. Our Amazing Employees Make The Company

We wouldn’t be much without the intensely passionate and dedicated people that call Jericho Home Improvement their employer. Our employees are highly knowledgeable and expertly trained, and they’re just nice people – plain and simple.

Working with a new company is stressful, but our polite and respectful employees help alleviate that stress. Being nice goes a long way – you’ll never find anything less than complete respect and care from us.

To ensure our customers receive the best treatment, we only hire the cream of the crop. Our employees have made it past a rigorous hiring process and intense training. Our employees average at least 15 years of kitchen and bathroom remodeling experience.

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It’s a new day here at Jericho Home Improvements, and we want to share our proven kitchen and bathroom remodeling process with our Grandview, MO, customers.

So, why not try a dynamic company that values its customers first and foremost? We can be just the change you need for your next project!

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