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No “Cookie Cutter” Kitchen Remodeling From Jericho Home Improvements in Independence, MO

Cookie cutters have a place in the kitchen; they’re there for making home-baked treats into fun shapes and sizes. Your kitchen itself, however, should not be cut from a cookie cutter. Those kind of rigid, preset lines don’t work for a living, changing part of your home. Your kitchen should be a reflection of your family, your tastes, your lifestyle. All that can change from year to year or even from week to week. Your kitchen should be designed to fit you, not to fit a shape made by someone else.

If you’re looking for something beyond the cookie cutter in Independence, MO, you want kitchen remodeling from Jericho Home Improvements.

Don’t Let an Independence, MO Kitchen Remodeler Push You Around

If your kitchen remodeling professional seems to be too pushy, they probably are too pushy. High pressure sales tactics, pushing you towards a specific product, or demanding that you give them an answer that day are all red flags that tell you they’re more interested in their bottom line than your kitchen. Your kitchen remodeler shouldn’t tell you what kind of kitchen remodel that you want for your space. Instead, they should listen to what you want for the space and then tell you how they can accommodate that.

Jericho Home Improvements Offers Truly Custom Kitchen Remodels in Independence, MO

We keep busy, remodeling over 800 kitchens and bathrooms each year, and each of those kitchens are distinct from one another. That’s because our customers are all distinct from one another. We take in our customer’s style, their preferences, and their needs; from there, we plan a kitchen remodel with them based on all of those elements. The result is a kitchen that their family will love for years to come, rather than a kitchen that they’ll settle for after the hassle of the remodel.

Why Choose Jericho Home Improvements For Your Kitchen Remodel?

We’re passionate about providing Independence, MO and surrounding areas with high quality kitchen remodels — as well as bathroom remodels. Looking for a kitchen remodeling company that stands out? Here’s how Jericho Home Improvements can help:

  • Some of the best kitchen remodeling products in the industry.
  • A team that we know and vouch for, because they’re our team, not subcontracted.
  • A careful one-on-one home remodeling consultation and a showroom to see products for yourself.
  • Anything from small touch-ups to full service bathroom remodels.
  • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and several 5-star reviews.

Other services offered in Independence, MO by Jericho Home Improvements

Cut the Mold For Your Own Independence, MO Kitchen Remodel

And let us help! Contact Jericho Home Improvements today to get started with a free one-on-one home design consultation or learn more about our kitchen remodels.

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