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Hiring a home remodeling company can be tricky in Kansas City, KS, if you’ve never used them. You have to trust your friends’ experience or the reviews of strangers. Until you experience a remodel for yourself, it can feel like stepping off the ledge into the unknown.

Fortunately, at Jericho Home Improvements, we remove that worry for you. Yes, you may not have worked with us, but we guarantee you the finest results, and you can trust that our word is our word. Through our years of business, we’ve learned what works and doesn’t to bring our customers the remodel they deserve.

From our full kitchen remodels and refinishes to our bathroom remodels, we’re entirely committed to 100% customer satisfaction because we’re not happy until you are. Here are some of the quality services we offer at Jericho Home Improvements.

Full Kitchen Remodels 

When you’re ready for a complete change, rethink and update your kitchen with us. The kitchens we move into don’t always serve our families as they grow and evolve. A full kitchen remodel might be in order when your kitchen fails to meet your demands and function as needed.

A full kitchen remodel is the perfect time to design a new layout to fit your needs and desires. Our custom kitchen cabinetry and islands are built to suit your needs and are available in various kinds of wood and finishes. You’ll never sacrifice beauty for function, either with our granite, quartz, and marble countertops or tile, hardwood, and laminate kitchen flooring options.

This is also the perfect opportunity to incorporate practical, useful, and stylish accessories, like
elegant faucets, pot fillers, prep sinks, hot water dispensers, and other plumbing amenities. It’s easy to add class with our under-cabinet, over-cabinet, and interior lighting, letting you create the mood and look you want.

Kitchen Refinishes 

If your kitchen doesn’t need a complete remodel, a refinish might be better suited for your needs. A kitchen refinish allows you to change the look of your kitchen for ⅓ of the cost of a full remodel. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to change the layout of your kitchen or want to make any significant structural changes.

Our kitchen refinishes let you completely change the exterior look of your cabinets without the hassle of replacing them. Along with a new exterior cabinet look, refinishes give you the opportunity to put in new granite, quartz, or marble countertops. A new countertop combined with a new tile backsplash can completely change the look and style of your kitchen.

Enjoy the refresh of refinished wood flooring, highlighting the gorgeous intricacies already there. Sometimes you only need cosmetic changes, fixture updates, and replacements to bring a new sense of life into a dull kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling 

Whatever your bathroom needs, we can do it, and we mean it! Our bathroom remodeling services include everything from custom spa showers and steam rooms to tub-to-shower conversions and our exclusive imperial stone shower systems. Like our full kitchen remodels, we’ll literally move walls for your bathroom remodel.

Choose from our beautiful granite, solid surface, and marble vanity tops and plumbing products in any style and finish. We also offer heated flooring, massaging jetted tubs, ADA products, and fantastic lighting options, letting you personalize your bathroom however you want.

Create the perfect spa experience with our ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tile. Plus, our custom vanities and cabinets are built to perfectly fit any bathroom, ensuring you get the storage and accessibility you need.

Easy Access Bathrooms 

As our physical needs change, so should our bathrooms. We spend a good chunk of our time at home in the bathroom, making it one of the most used rooms in the home. Why shouldn’t this space be suited to fit your needs? There’s no reason to put your safety at risk in a cluttered and impractical bathroom when you can adjust to serve you best.

Our easy-access bathroom services do just that – make your bathroom accessible for everybody. Our walk-in tubs drastically cut your chances of slipping or falling, giving you more personal safety and confidence in your independence. Plus, our walk-in tubs can be personalized with contoured seating, internal grab bars, anti-slip flooring, and more.

Other ways to make your bathroom easily accessible include:

  • Adding grab bars.
  • Raising or lowering your vanities.
  • Installing a higher ADA 17″ toilet.

We’ll also widen doorways to make your bathroom handicap accessible. If you don’t want a walk-in tub, try our handicap-accessible zero-entry showers.

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Although all of our Kansas City, KS, services come with beautiful, long-lasting results, it’s our customer care that we’re most proud of. At Jericho Home Improvements, we listen to our customers, helping you envision the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams with our professional design consultations. You’ll find nothing but respect from our employees, as we only hire the best!

We show up when we say we will and never surprise you with hidden fees or sneaky business practices. Besides our complete professionalism and politeness, your remodel will be completed with the highest-quality materials and installed to perfection by our Master Installers. There’s no room for error when you’re as committed as we are.

Contact us today for a free kitchen or bathroom remodeling consultation and get started on your next home remodeling project!