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Great contractors are hard to find in Lansing, KS. Their products tend to be sub-par, their workmanship starts to break down quickly, or their customer service could use improvement. Most homeowners have grown to believe they must sacrifice one of these qualities in a remodeling company.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we’ve proven that great contractors are possible. You won’t need to sacrifice anything when working with our company because we have it all – superior products, detailed installations, and attentive, caring customer service. We’re committed to bringing our customers the best remodeling experience possible.

Here are some ways we stand out from our competitors to bring you astounding kitchen and bathroom remodels:

We Only Hire The Best 

We’re very serious about who we bring on board to work with us at Jericho Home Improvements. We don’t do this to be mean – we do it because our customers deserve to work with the best people. We’re so particular we only hire the top 5% of applicants, ensuring you work with the cream of the crop.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling takes attention to detail, passion, and fine-tuned skill. Instead of bringing dozens of workers into your home, we expertly cross-train our installers to handle all areas of your project. This means fewer people in your home and a narrower margin of error. Too many cooks in the kitchen can spell havoc.

After extensive training, we feel confident in calling our installers Master Installers because they truly are masters of their craft. You can ask them any questions about your project, and your minimal crew will know the answer. Our elite team of Master Installers even averages at least 15 years of experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

We Conduct Ourselves Professionally

Professionalism may sound like a given when it comes to home remodeling, but you’ll be surprised to learn this isn’t always the case. After all, contractors are known for dodging questions, being unavailable, or not even showing up. You’ll never find amateur behavior at Jericho Home Improvements.

We show up when we say we will, pick up your phone calls, and always provide answers to your questions and concerns. Our clear communication ensures both parties are on the same page and keeps you informed on the status of your project the whole time.

Instead of stomping through your home in disregard, we always present ourselves politely, cleanly, and neatly because we know that extra care goes a long way. We respect your time and money, giving you complete professionalism in return.

Superior Workmanship All Around 

Some other remodeling companies hire subcontractors to complete their work more quicker and cheaper. However, those subcontractors don’t work for the company, making their proficiency level irrelevant to them. At Jericho Home Improvements, our Master Installers are full-time employees and get treated as such.

For our customers, this means your project receives the care and attention it deserves. Not only are our Master Installers experts in their craft and always respectful, but they are passionate about what they do. This extra diligence shows in their work, giving you beautiful and long-lasting results.

Quality is so important to us that we do a walk-thru before starting your project and a final walk-thru after, going over everything to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your results. Each project is also assigned a Project Manager that conducts regular inspections near the end of your project, ensuring there’s no oversight.

Our High-Quality Materials 

Some kitchen and bathroom remodelers say they offer quality products, but those products start to deteriorate, stain, or otherwise fail to function over the following months or years. To avoid this, we have tried and tested products across the industry to bring you the best of the best.

We only use materials from manufacturers we trust and have worked with previously. Our products are durable and installed to maintain long-term functioning, even with heavy use. Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most used and visited rooms in the house, so they better be able to withstand daily wear and tear!

Professional Design Consultation

When we say ‘professional,’ we mean it.

Our design consultants don’t just scribble an image of your bathroom or kitchen on a napkin – we use innovative technology to help you clearly envision your remodeling project.

Our design consultants can easily help you decide on layouts that will work for your home, incorporating beauty and functionality. Pro-level designs help us give you exactly what you want and ensure everyone is focused on the task at hand.

Going into a project with proper expectations is key to getting incredible results.

Experience A New Standard Of Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling With A Trusted Lansing, KS Company

At Jericho Home Improvements, we’re proud to bring our Lansing, KS customers top-tier service, from our superior products to our customer-first values. We don’t just strive for excellence; we’re also students of our own craft, always seeking to learn what’s new in our industry. We do this to ensure our customers get the best offerings available!

We’re licensed, insured, and EPA-certified at the federal and state levels. We’re also proudly an A+ accredited company with the Better Business Bureau, instilling confidence in our customers. Discover for yourself what thousands of thrilled customers already have – excellent kitchen and bathroom remodels matched with outstanding customer care.

Contact us today for a free kitchen or bathroom remodeling consultation and get started on your next home remodeling project!