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Do you love your North Kansas City, MO kitchen and bathroom? If not, it might be time for a change with a professional kitchen and bathroom remodel.

Whether you want to make your home a bit more to your tastes or simply modernize your bathroom to something in this century, Jericho Home Improvements can make your bathroom or kitchen one you will enjoy using!

We have a unique and proven process that will leave you feeling incredible about your new space. Let’s look at what separates Jericho Home Improvement from other remodeling companies in the area.

Home Remodeling Services 

When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, Jericho Home Improvements are the professionals with the portfolio to prove we know what we are doing!

Kitchen Remodels 

For North Kansas City, MO, homeowners, kitchen remodels are one of the most popular remodels that homeowners want. Why is this? Consider how much time you spend in your kitchen — it needs to be perfect for all you do!

We offer two kitchen remodel packages so every homeowner can find a remodel that fits their needs and budget. The first is a full kitchen remodel – a complete overhaul of your entire space. Our kitchen refinishing package is a great low-cost solution for those who may just need to update the looks – not the kitchen’s structure.

Our kitchen updates will include the following:

  • Refinishing your current cabinets
  • Installing new countertops
  • Upgrading your flooring

Our complete kitchen remodel will take your kitchen to a whole new level. We can reimagine your entire space with features like:

  • Updating the lighting in the kitchen
  • Installing new fixtures
  • Moving around the location of items in your kitchen to make it more functional
  • Install new cabinets and flooring
  • New countertops

With either kitchen remodel option, you will find a solution that will fit your budget and give you a space you will love to cook in and enjoy as a family!

Bathroom Remodels 

Our bathroom remodels are meant to make the space more functional and help the room’s overall design. You can choose the features or functions you need, like:

  • Installing new showers, tubs, and sinks
  • Updating the lighting
  • Painting the walls
  • Upgrading the flooring
  • Installing new countertops in the bathroom

We will discuss what you want out of your bathroom and what we need to do to get you a bathroom you will adore!

Why Do People Turn To Us? 

There are many reasons why the homeowners in North Kansas City, MO, turn to the professionals here at Jericho Home Improvements. We pride ourselves on our work, and our customers always recommend us to other homeowners in the area. 

But why are so many people recommending us to their family and friends? We think there are three main reasons:

  • Our People: We only hire the top 5% of those who apply to work with us. Those who make the cut often have over 15 years of experience in the industry — ensuring they can provide top-notch work!
  • Our Workmanship: There will be no cutting corners when we remodel. We must have perfection in everything we do, so the details matter. We are master craftsmen for a reason!
  • Our Professionalism: We are always on time, will return calls, and answer your questions. Being professional is how we ensure an open line of communication with your kitchen or bathroom remodels.

Overall, North Kansas City, MO, homeowners turn to us because they can trust what we do, rely on our workers, and know their remodel will be perfect!

FAQ About Kitchen And Bathroom Remodels 

Do You Have To Have An Idea In Mind To Approach Us For A

While many homeowners come to us with an idea of what they want with their remodel, it’s not always necessary. Maybe you know your bathroom or kitchen needs an update but are unsure where to start. We can help you look at various designs and see what pops out to you and your family.

Do We Have Examples Of Our Work? 

Absolutely! We love showcasing some of our kitchen and bathroom remodels as they show our attention to detail and beautiful work. Check out our bathroom remodel portfolio and our kitchen remodel portfolio. You never know; our past work could give you ideas for what you want out of your remodel!

How Long Does A Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel Take? 

There is no general time frame for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Several factors will affect how long your remodel could take. For example, the size of the rooms is a significant factor in how long it may take to complete your remodel.

When we take on your project, we can give a projected timeline for when your remodel will be complete. Thanks to our dedication to customer service, we always try to complete these remodels on time so you can get to the bathroom or kitchen you love!

What Are Our Customers Saying 

“I was satisfied from the beginning to the end. I was satisfied with everything from my designers to the installers to the project manager who was wonderful. They were clean, tidy, on time, prompt, and kept me well-informed. I just loved the experience.” – Alan and Millie S.

“We were very happy with our overall experience with Jericho. Great master bathroom transformation. The precision to detail, from the dirt mats that kept things neat and tidy to the small accent tile pieces, really made the transformation pop. Looks Great!” – Glenn and Allyssa M.

“Everyone that we dealt with was polite and informative. They answered any questions we had. The installer was a very good worker, continuing to do his work effectively and swiftly.” – Mary L.

“We were very impressed with the entire staff and the work performed. It was well executed in a professional and trustworthy manner. Thanks!” – Linda M.

Free Consultations For Your North Kansas City, MO
Bathroom And Kitchen Remodel

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