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Other Parkville, MO home renovation companies spread themselves too thin by biting off more than they can chew. Instead of doing a couple of tasks well, they do many things with mediocrity, leaving customers less than satisfied.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we concentrate on what we know best, kitchens and bathrooms. By focusing on these two main rooms of the house, we’re able to pay attention to detail and know everything there is to know about the process.

Plus, we not only do the installation but also help you redesign your vision of the perfect kitchen or bathroom with the help of our design consultants. Here are some of the specific services we offer.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling For Your Parkville, MO Home

When the time comes for a full kitchen remodel, we are here to help you every step of the way. Our full kitchen remodels consist of reconfiguring a new design layout for your kitchen, considering all of your current family needs, with the help of your free-of-charge design consultant.

Then, we customize cabinets and anything else we need to accommodate your new kitchen layout, and the options don’t stop there. We help you choose water fixtures, flooring, and lighting solutions to complete the look and function you want.

We also take extra consideration when it comes to countertops, offering only the best in granite and other natural stone. Our countertops are custom-made and installed to perfection, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Kitchen Refinishing

If you’re not ready for a complete kitchen remodel, a kitchen refinish is the next best thing. It takes a third of the time to complete and costs a third of the price, making this an extremely appealing option for many homeowners.

So, what does a kitchen refinish look like for your Parkville, MO home? There’s still a lot of change to be had with a kitchen refinish, starting with updating the exteriors of your cabinets. Not having to replace them entirely will save you a lot of hassle. You can also change your countertops, choosing from options like granite, marble, and quartz.

New tile backsplashes add flair to a kitchen refinish and fixture updates and replacements. Refinishing your wood floors is also an option with this service, completing the look of a new kitchen.

Also, if you’re unsure whether you need a full kitchen remodel or just a kitchen refinish, we’re here to walk you through the considerations.

Full Or Partial Bathroom Remodel 

Like with our complete kitchen remodels, a full or partial bathroom remodel entails the expertise of a design consultant to discuss and draw up the perfect bathroom layout for you and your family. We’ll even remove walls, raise ceilings, add a whole new bathroom, or do anything else you want to get your dream bathroom.

After discussing your vision, you can choose all the specifics to make your bathroom uniquely yours. This includes picking styles of tile work, vanities, vanity counters, floors, and lighting. We also offer custom spa showers, tub-to-shower conversion, and massaging jetted tubs.

We even install heated floors, steam rooms, and Imperial stone shower systems if you want to heat things up in your new at-home spa.

Easy-Access Bathroom Installation 

We’re here to assist you regardless of your living situation or personal requirements. We believe all of our customers deserve beauty, comfort, and functionality when it comes to bathrooms, no matter what life throws at them.

Our easy-access bathrooms include anything you need, including walk-in and ADA bathtubs, grab bars, handicapped zero entry showers, higher toilets, non-slip surfaces, wider wheelchair-accessible door entries, and raised or lowered vanities.

Everyone deserves comfort in the bathroom regardless of age or ability, and we can help you find it.

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Jericho Home Improvements has consistently proven to be the go-to company for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Parkville, MO. Our materials are far superior to our competitors, and we only employ the most skilled and highly trained installers and project managers to complete your project.

All our work is in-house, never hiring outside subcontractors to ensure the best quality results. We respect our customers and display only the utmost professionalism at all times.

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