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5 Reasons Customers Love Our Raymore, MO
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We all know how difficult it can be to find a dependable and well-trained Raymore, MO contractor. Everyone has heard the stories of half-baked designs and half-finished projects. But it doesn’t have to be this way – it’s time to try a new way of home remodeling.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we want to bring kitchen and bathroom remodeling into the 21st century, where customers can count on us to deliver the best products, installation, and service possible. We know homeowners deserve better when it comes to such a significant investment, and we want to make sure they’re nothing but thrilled with the results.

Here are five reasons our company wants to help you with your next kitchen and bathroom remodel.

1. Our Master Installers Take Care Of Everything 

We don’t just hire anybody at Jericho Home Improvements – we’re highly selective with who we bring on board. After weeding out the diamonds in the rough, we put our kitchen and bathroom installers through the wringer. This isn’t to be mean — it’s to ensure our customers receive the best installation process they possibly can.

When you work with us, there won’t be dozens of strangers wandering around your home because we only assign one to three experts per project. That’s all you’ll need because these Master Installers know everything it takes to complete a perfect kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. No detail is left unattended, as our Master Installers are highly-trained and knowledgeable on every step of the way.

Our quality control involves a walk-through at the start of a project and always ends with a final walk-through at the end. This allows everyone to be on the same page and ensure our customers get a thorough examination of their final result.

2. Our Materials Are The Best Around

Some other remodeling companies choose to install inferior products to keep their costs down. But what’s the point when you’ll have to replace it again in a couple of years? This only adds more cost in the long run.

Unlike our competitors, we only select products that are built to last.

We’ve done our research and have found the most durable and attractive products on the market. These materials come from trusted manufacturers we’ve known personally for years and know we can count on consistently.

Materials matter and we want to leave our customers feeling proud of their product choices!

3. Our Projects Come With Free Design Consultations

Though you might have ideas for your new kitchen or bathroom, it can be hard to put those ideas together into one concise, beautiful picture. Our kitchen and bathroom remodels all come with the help of our highly skilled and experienced design consultants.

Plus, these aren’t just employees jotting down scratch drawings on a piece of paper – these are professional interior designers. Our complimentary design consultations are all done using the best technology, helping you envision the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

Our professional designers listen to what you want and also add their expertise, ensuring you’re left with exactly what you were looking for.

4. We Are Completely Certified

Believe it or not, some Raymore, MO contractors don’t even bother getting insured – let alone certified. In our eyes, those are basic requirements for a legitimate remodeling company.

Besides being an EPA-certified contractor at both the state and federal levels, we’ve also received quite a few honors.

Some of these hard-earned recognitions include being the highest nationally ranked kitchen and bathroom remodeling company by Remodeling Magazine Big 50 and consistently ranked in the top 25 of Remodeling Magazines Top 550 Remodelers Nationwide.

We’re also consistently ranked in Qualified Remodelers Top 50 Contractors List each year and have won the Showplace President’s Award. Does it sound like we’re bragging too much? We’re just thrilled others see the love and care we put into our work!

5. We’re Changing The Way The Industry Works

Like we said before, our industry has an embarrassing reputation, and we’re not ok with that. One of our biggest achievements is starting a change in the industry for how remodeling projects are handled. In order to do this, we take our process extremely seriously, providing top-quality professionalism and customer service.

We also took it one step further by compiling something we call the Consumer Awareness Guide. Homeowners deserve to be informed, so our guide includes helpful information on how to find a stand-up contracting company. It shows readers what to look for and how to compare companies because we only want the best for our customers.

We’re Changing The Way Raymore Kitchen and Bathroom
Remodels Are Done At Jericho Home Improvements

Some people in Raymore, MO think we’ve set our standards too high for home remodeling, but not us. We know any added time and energy we put in is well worth it by our astounding results and happy customers.

That’s why we’ve received five-star customer reviews across the board, from Yelp to Google! Let us help you start your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling project!

Contact us today for a free quote on your next project.