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5 Reasons To Use Our Raytown, MO,
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We understand finding a dependable and trustworthy Raytown, MO, home remodeling contractor is a difficult task. Sometimes the research feels like more work than the project itself! At Jericho Home Improvements, we want to save you the hassle of scouring the internet in search of a quality company – we’re right here!

Homeowners deserve to be treated with respect, get premium products for their money, and have clear communication throughout the whole process. Home remodeling should be relatively easy and straightforward.

Save yourself time and energy and use a company that stands apart from the others. When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, we’re ready and waiting! Here are five reasons to use our reputable home remodeling company.

1. Our Dependable Materials Are Top-Quality 

Some contractors set their customers up for failure by supplying them with inferior products. They may look great on the outside, but they start to deteriorate over time, leading to more cash spent on replacements and more headaches all around.

We only offer high-quality materials at Jericho Home Improvements, saving both time and money. If a product does not meet our standards, it goes bye-bye because our customers deserve only the best.

So, what exactly are our standards? Our materials…

  • Must be made by trusted and proven manufacturers we’ve used previously.
  • Must look great and add to the overall appeal of your new kitchen and bath.
  • Must be durable and installed to maintain long-term, heavy-use functioning.

2. Our Installers Think Of Everything 

Installation is serious business, so we prefer to call our installers Master Installers. They don’t just perform their job — they go above and beyond their duties to ensure every little piece of your installation is completed correctly.

We mean it – details do not slip by our Master Installers. Instead of throwing an army of workers into your home, we send 1 to 3 installers who are complete experts in their craft. This eliminates the need for multiple people, overcrowding, and added stress for the homeowner.

By knowing all the ins and outs of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, our minimal crews cut down on potential miscommunications, overstepping, and the general chaos that can ensue when too many cooks are in the kitchen. Plus, you won’t find any subcontractors with us because we only use full-time employees, investing in their skills and knowledge.

3. Our Entire Team Thinks Of Everything 

It’s not just our installers that we want to brag about either – our entire staff is knowledgeable and attentive. From the first time you call us to your final walk-through, we’ll meet you with a smile because we genuinely care.

We operate like family here at Jericho Home Improvements, and our employees’ well-being shows in how they treat our customers. You’ll find kind, considerate people when you work with us, something too many other home remodeling companies never remember.

Plus, it’s not just our “nice guy” factor that makes us unique, but it’s the combination of kindness AND superior knowledge and skill. All our employees are highly trained in what they do – they are the total package. Everyone operates at the top of their game, benefiting all our customers, from our professional design consultants to our project managers.

4. Dream Big With Our Professional Design Consultations 

Not many home remodeling companies offer a complimentary design consultation before starting your kitchen or bathroom remodel, but ours does. We understand the value of proper preparation and the importance of setting expectations before beginning a project, which is why we offer design consultation to all our customers.

By professional design consultation, we don’t mean scribbling some ideas on paper, either. Our expert consultants are the best in their craft and use advanced technology, giving you a quality image of your future kitchen or bathroom.

Our consultations make it easy to play around with various styles and colors, helping you find the perfect fit for your home. Sometimes, it takes a little creative energy to produce the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

5. Our Stunning Results Speak For Themselves 

For some homeowners, it takes a friendly recommendation and photographic evidence to convince them we’re the best team for the job. We have both — raving reviews AND stunning photos of our completed projects. We stand proud of our work, from our full bathroom remodels to our kitchen refinishes.

If you don’t know what kind of project you need, browsing through our photo galleries may help you decide. Our outstanding results are proof of our beautiful, reliable products and incredible installations, making it easy to find a spark of inspiration for others.

From Google to Yelp to Facebook, we consistently receive five-star reviews, encouraging us to keep at it and to grow as a reliable company.

Remodel Your Raytown, MO, Kitchen and Bathroom
With An Award-Winning Company

If you’re looking for professional and custom home remodeling services in Raytown, MO, look no further than Jericho Home Improvements.

As an A+ accredited Raytown, MO, company with the Better Business Bureau, we take all our honors and accolades seriously. But, we’re more proud of certifications, like our state and federal EPA certification. Only a few other home remodeling contractors can say they’ve earned their EPA certificate; not having one opens up the possibility of unsafe work situations.

Our customers can rest easy knowing they’re entirely safe and protected. You’ll also find peace of mind with clear communication that keeps you informed throughout your stress-free experience. Contact us today for a free quote on your next project.