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The Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling YOU Want in Richmond, MO

Your kitchen and bathroom are some of the most important rooms in your Richmond, MO home. Your home isn’t your home without them! In your kitchen, you prepare the food that sustains your family. Kids work on their homework at the counter, and friends come by to get a glimpse of what smells so delicious. Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax, a place that has everything you need to feel clean and comfortable. If your kitchen and bathroom don’t feel like home to you, you can make them what you want with help from remodeling professionals like Jericho Home Improvements.

Signs That Your Richmond, MO Remodeling Company Is Out For Themselves

How do you know that you can trust the remodeling company you choose to actually give you the bathroom or kitchen remodel you want instead of cutting corners and ripping you off? Unfortunately, plenty of companies only worry about giving themselves a break to the exclusion of their customers. They might have all the right words on their website, but when you start to consider working with them, the red flags set off. These red flags might be:

  • Using high-pressure sales tactics or pricing games to rope you in
  • Hiring subcontractors rather than having their own team
  • Not listening to your vision for your bathroom or kitchen or presenting you with a template
  • Being difficult to reach or communicate with
  • Poor reviews from several unsatisfied customers
  • A lack of experience or willingness to offer references

Jericho Home Improvements Has Proven Ourselves To Our Richmond, MO Customers

We’ve been in this industry for over ten years, and we have managed to become one of the most successful bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies in the country. It’s all because we care about our customers and put them first when it comes to our remodeling projects. We have our team who we’ve trained and trusted, never subcontractors. We perform truly custom remodeling projects, beginning with a free one-on-one design consultation. It’s this level of service that’s earned us so many 5 star reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Reasons To Work With Jericho Home Improvements in Richmond, MO

So you know how to look out for remodeling companies that are likely to rip you off, but why should you work with Jericho Home Improvements in Richmond, MO? In over ten years of business, we’ve built relationships with many happy customers. Here are a few of the reasons to work with us:

  • A showroom full of the best remodeling products on the market.
  • Our own team, not a team of subcontractors.
  • A design consultation where our priority is listening to you.
  • Experience with all types of remodels, from full-service to small cosmetic changes.

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Need To Remodel Your Kitchen or Bathroom In Richmond, MO?

Contact Jericho Home Improvements today to get started with a one-on-one design consultation. Jericho Home Improvements proudly serves Richmond, MO, and the surrounding areas. Need kitchen or bathroom remodeling outside of Richmond, MO? Check out our complete list of service areas to see if you’re in range.