Richmond MO

Reasons Why Richmond, MO, Homeowners
Love Our Remodeling Company

When Remodeling Your Bathroom Or Kitchen, The
Company You Choose Makes All The Difference

Let’s face it – Richmond, MO, home remodeling contractors do not have the best reputation. Many contractors are unreliable, dishonest, or just plain inexperienced. At Jericho Home Improvements, we work hard to break the stigma of shady contracting by doing everything differently.

From our top-quality materials to expert installations, our customers are always cared for and given the best treatment, because that’s what they deserve. Running a company with integrity doesn’t have to be hard when you hire the right people. That’s why we only hire professionals who are clearly passionate about their work.

We want to ensure all of our customers get their dream bathroom or kitchen and have a fantastic experience – an experience they’ll be talking about for years. Here’s how we do it!

1. We Only Send Out The Pros 

We don’t just hire any person off the streets at Jericho Home Improvements. Our hiring process is rigorous and demanding and tests the strength and determination of our applicants. That is why we have the top 5% of expert installers in our area – ready to work hard for our customers.

Why are we so picky with who we hire? Because we know that reputation matters when it comes to a local business, and our people are our reputation.

However, our employees are not just representatives of the company; they are master craftspeople. They’re so skilled and experienced in their trade that we call them Master Installers.

Unlike other contractors who bring in a never-ending parade of subcontractors to complete a job, we only need a few because they know every piece of the project. From the most significant component to the smallest detail, our Master Installers are experts across the board. This leaves little room for error and miscommunication, allowing your project to move smoothly.

2. Our Products Are The Best Of The Best 

We’ve had a lot of experience remodeling kitchens and bathrooms throughout the years, allowing us to experiment and try many different products. We can safely say we know what products can stand the test of time and which fail to live up to their expectations.

Whether you’re refinishing your kitchen or remodeling your bathroom, we only offer the finest materials because we know they’re worth it. Using superior materials sets the groundwork for years of use and beauty in your home, saving you money in replacement fees later on.

Our materials are built sturdy and dependable, are manufactured using companies we have used for years and trust, and continue to look great even after heavy-duty use. Not many other products can make those promises, but we don’t believe in cutting corners here. You deserve the finest, and that’s what you get with us.

3. It Starts With Professional Design Consultation 

No matter what kind of project you want, it’s always best to know what to expect. This helps you prepare mentally, physically, and financially for the work ahead. Our complimentary professional design consultations are free with our remodels because we believe in the power of preparedness.

Our professional designs are created with advanced technology, letting you visualize your kitchen or bathroom remodel without guessing. Seeing it in advance helps you understand spacing, your layout, and new additions to your remodel. It’s much easier to make style choices when you can see what they’ll look like in reality.

Our design consultants always listen to you and your cares, considering your wants and needs when creating your perfect bathroom or kitchen. When the time is right, they’ll make their own expert suggestions, which may not have even occurred to you. Creative brainstorming only enhances your whole project!

4. We’re Always Professional 

Of our many great qualities, our professionalism might be our pride and joy. It sounds easy to do, yet many of our competitors fail to live up to their word. We ensure consistent honesty, integrity, and dignity by enacting professionalism in our business practices.

Our quotes are always accurate – we never go back on our word, nor do we ever try to pull the wool over your eyes. We prefer clear communication with our customers to avoid mishaps or misunderstandings that could end in disaster. This commitment means we show up when we say we’re going to show up so you’re not left waiting.

At Jericho Home Improvement, we respect your time, and by assigning your project its own project manager, we ensure you always have a reliable point of contact. You’ll be in the know throughout the process, making it seamless and stress-free.

We Remodel Your Richmond, MO, Kitchens And Bathrooms
The Way They Should Be Remodeled

All the quality components that make us unique in the Richmond, MO, kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry help set our customers up for success. In the end, we’re not happy until you’re happy – that’s a promise.

As an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, our satisfied customers have spoken for themselves.

We also go above and beyond the necessary industry certifications as members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). We’re always looking to improve our skills and to grow our remodeling knowledge, benefiting our customers in the long run.

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