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Why Our Remodeling Company Is The Best
Choice For Smithville, MO, Homeowners

With Jericho Home Improvements, A Little Extra Care
Goes A Long Way

Are you looking for a knowledgeable, helpful, and reliable home remodeling contractor in Smithville, MO? Many homeowners need help finding a trustworthy contractor to handle their home improvement projects. Jericho Home Improvements is a full-service remodeling company that has served the Smithville community for many years.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we’re flipping the script on how home remodeling is done around here. We’ve seen how our competitors work, and we’re not fans. To switch it up, we invest time and energy into the well-being of our valued customers because we know that makes all the difference.

We’re known for our quality workmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. It might sound too good to be true, but believe it because we’re here to help you get the home of your dreams. From kitchen remodeling to bathroom renovations, we have the experience and know-how to do the job.

Our Pros Are Masters At Their Craft

We take hiring very seriously here at Jericho Home Improvements. After all, our employees form the face of the company and the foundation of our work. This is why we’re picky about who we choose to bring on board. It’s not because we don’t want everyone – it’s because we ensure they are experts in their fields.

In addition to requiring prior experience, we put our installers through their paces during training – insisting they know their stuff inside and out. In the end, you get our Master Installers. It’s a hard title to earn, but each team member has proved deserving.

Our Master Installers know every part of the remodeling process, from the beginning to the end. This reduces the number of crew in your home, helps avoid miscommunications, and streamlines our remodeling process more efficiently.

Exquisite Attention To Detail

Because our Master Installers are so well-versed in their crafts, they know details matter. You get a beautiful kitchen or bathroom with us and a long-lasting, sustainable living area. Details ensure proper function and maximum durability when it comes to the test of time. But don’t worry – we have you covered.

It’s ok to get up close and personal when inspecting our work because we’re sure it’s done correctly. We know that if any minute measurement is off, the miscalculation will throw off the whole look and integrity of the project, which is why we take extra time to carefully build, construct, and install your products.

You won’t need to worry about poor caulking or buckling floors because we consider everything during our installations. That extra care to detail can make the difference between a kitchen that looks great for one year to one that maintains its beauty for ten.

Our Quality Materials Set You Up For Success

Some of our competitors try to get away with selling their customers inferior, flimsy products in an effort to keep their costs down. Through experience, we know this tactic does not work and only leads to disgruntled customers with broken, cracked, and stained home products.

You can rest assured that we’ll never sell you products we wouldn’t put in our own homes. Our high-quality materials come from trusted manufacturers we’ve used for years, and we keep using them because we know they work. Our products are durable and built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

They remain stunning throughout the years, leaving you with a beautiful kitchen or bathroom you’ll always love. Our style, color, and pattern choices allow you to customize your home, making it personal to you and your family.

You’ll Only Be Met With Pure Professionalism

Professionalism is where many other home remodeling contractors fail to live up to their promises. Through high-pressure sales techniques and shady communications, many Smithville, MO, homeowners are left feeling uneasy and disappointed in those other companies.

At Jericho Home Improvements, you can trust us to listen to your wants and needs, communicate clearly with you at all times, and stay true to our word. This means when we say we’re going to be at your house, we’ll be at your home, and when we give you a time frame to finish your remodel, we stick to it.

We know your time, money, and energy matter, and we do everything we can to respect those elements across the board. A kitchen or bathroom remodel is a big undertaking, and you need to be able to trust the company that’s doing it!

Smithville, MO, Homeowners Deserve A Trusted Company
To Do Their Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel

Homeowners in Smithville, MO, have asked for better home renovations, and we’re here to meet the challenge! Try a new way of remodeling with Jericho Home Improvements. As the most extensive custom remodeler in Smithville, MO, we’ve remodeled over 800 homes in the area, building up an honorable reputation we’ve grown proud of.

As a fully licensed and certified home remodeling company, we’re proud of our work and the way we conduct our business. Unlike many other contractors, we’re guided by core values, ensuring we stay on track so you get the best experience possible.

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