Westwood, MO

Our Westwood, MO, Home Remodeling Company Focuses On Quality 

Step Into A New Kitchen Or Bathroom You’ll Love With Jericho Home Improvements 

Great home remodeling companies are hard to come by in Westwood, MO – contractors are often known for their shady and unreliable practices, installing poor-quality products, or not even showing up at all.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we want to transform the home remodeling experience for Westwood, MO, homeowners. You deserve better, which is why we work hard to deliver the most stunning results and to create a collaborative experience for our clients. This is your home, and we want to give you precisely what you want.

We know other companies talk a big game and deliver little results, but we make it safe to trust a home remodeling company again.

Quality Products Equal Excellent Results 

Though proper installation is a significant factor in total excellence, it’s harder to go wrong when you have the best quality products. All our kitchen and bathroom remodels come complete with the most durable and beautiful products.

Finding products as great as ours is rare – 90% of contractors cut corners by offering cheap products. They figure their customers won’t know the difference, and when those products fail by leaking and cracking, the contractor isn’t willing to admit fault.

We never cut corners at Jericho Home Improvements, always using products from trusted manufacturers and products we know will last. For example, we use waterproof acrylic grout, which may cost more but won’t stain, seep, or crack, giving you long-lasting sealing.

Our Expert Master Craftsmen 

Many competitors hire subcontractors or day laborers to complete their projects with less overhead. This often means little care is put into the project, leading to mistakes and installations that meet the bare minimum.

Our expertly trained employees are full-time hires, ensuring your project gets the care and attention it needs. We have six project managers on staff and employ over fifty master craftsmen, each giving your remodel their full attention and passion for their work.

To maintain our high standard of quality, we assign one Master Craftsman to each job. Master Craftsman isn’t just a throwaway title either – it ensures they have over ten years of experience and have completed over 500 jobs, delivering you the best of the best.

A Project Manager That Communicates 

Besides being assigned a Master Craftsman, we will also give your project a professional Project Manager who acts as your go-to person for information. Our Project Managers don’t just oversee your projects, but they also clearly communicate with you throughout.

Lack of communication and miscommunication are some of the leading complaints regarding contractors, making customers feel disconnected and ill informed about their own homes. Our Project Managers ensure this doesn’t happen to you and instead keep you up to speed daily and sometimes multiple times a day.

In addition to overseeing and communicating with you, your Project Manager ensures your project is done on time and within your budget. There will be no surprises or added weeks – our word is our word.

Free Professional Design Consultation 

Some home remodelers draw up quick sketches or, worse yet, rely solely on their imagination to design your home project. This is scary for many homeowners, as they can’t fully see or understand what someone else is picturing.

Our complimentary design consultation avoids this, giving you an accurate visual of your project. This professional service is not a quick sketch either – it entails modern technology that gives you 3D images of your room, allowing you to easily switch things around to create the best remodel for you.

Plus, our design consultants listen to you, including your wants and needs, while offering suggestions when appropriate. Seeing your project come together is inspiring and is sure to spark the excitement of seeing your new kitchen or bathroom become a reality.

A Reputation To Be Proud Of 

Though we try to remain humble, it’s hard not to brag about our sterling reputation – we’ve worked hard for it, after all. You know a company is legitimate and trustworthy when they have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we have an A+.

In addition to being EPA certified at the federal and state levels, we’re also proud members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, National Kitchen & Bath Association, and Chamber of Commerce. We’ve also been the appreciative recipients of many awards and have proudly ranked on a number of reputable lists.

Jericho Home Improvements has been named a Big 50 Winner by Remodeling Magazine, and is consistently ranked in the top 25 in their Top 550 Remodelers Nationwide. Plus, we consistently appear on the annual list of Qualified Remodelers’ Top 50 Contractors.

Get The Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel You Imagine And The Respect You Deserve

At Jericho Home Improvements, we live by our core values, using them every day to guide us in our Westwood, MO, work. These values extend from how we treat our employees to how we treat our customers. We take care of each other here, which means we take care of you, too.

There’s a clear difference between companies in business to make money and those in the business of creating a better community – we’re the latter. Though we strive for growth and excellence in our craft, we’re also dedicated to giving back to those around us.

Contact us today for a free kitchen or bathroom remodeling quote and to get started on your next home remodeling project!