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Why November Might Be The Best Time
To Remodel Your Bathroom

Our November & December Sales Volume
Is Usually 70% Less Than The Rest Of The Year.

This Year, As Part Of A Daring Test,
I’m Willing To Give You A Bona Fide 15% Off
So We Can Keep Our Crews Busy.

Plus, call now and get a FREE upgrades to granite countertops.

Let’s face it—when the holiday months roll around, most people are NOT thinking about remodeling their bathrooms or kitchens. That means that during November and December, our sales teams are usually sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Then in January and February, our installation crews come to a standstill. As you can imagine, our workers don’t like to sit around and do nothing, and we don’t like to pay them to do nothing. All things considered, we’re bound and determined to book more jobs this holiday season.

I Told My Management Staff, “To Heck With Profit,
Let’s Just Keep Everyone Busy.”

Translation: Win-Win

In a normal month we will sell about 65 to 80 remodeling projects—an average of about 70. Last year in November we sold 21 and in December just 18.

You can see the problem.

I met with my management staff to discuss solutions, and I explained to them that it is actually better for us to make far less money on each job sold than it is to have idle workers that we continue to pay, or worse—that seek other employment because we can’t pay them during downtime.

That’s where you come in—I’ll give you a full 15% off the bottom line price if you will place your order between November 1 and December 31.

This Offer Is Strictly Limited To 50 Jobs Each Month—No Exceptions

To be honest, we have no idea if this will work or not. We may be overwhelmed with business, or we may hear crickets chirping.

But just to be safe, we’re only going to accept 50 customers per month at this special incentive prices. I’m sure you can understand that we don’t want to be giving away the farm to everybody who ever thought about remodeling.

As long as we can keep our crews busy, that’s good enough for me—so that’s why no more that 100 total jobs will be sold at this discount.

Book Before November 30 And I’ll Upgrade You To Granite Countertops… For FREE.

Be one of the first to book your job and I’ll also upgrade your bathroom vanity or kitchen countertop to granite for FREE—that’s up to a $3,000 value, for FREE!

All you have to do is act fast, and claim this offer—it’s limited to those who book their job by November 30.