Professional Design Consultation

Great Remodeling Results Don’t “Just Happen.”

Our Free Professional Design Consultation
Makes The Difference Between “Okay” and “WOW!”

Getting great remodeling results on project after project is not an accident. It’s 100% on purpose.

That’s why we’re surprised that so many Kansas City remodeling contractors don’t offer professional design services. How are you going to be sure to avoid ‘blah’ results if you don’t have a beautiful design and plan to work from?

Jericho Home Improvements is different. We offer free, pro-level design with every kitchen and bathroom remodel. It’s our commitment to planning and beautiful designs that has made us an award-winning, nationally-recognized remodeling company.

“Notebook Paper” Designs

This is our name for any rough sketch that is supposed to function as the “design.” A rough, handwritten sketch on a piece of paper is not detailed enough and leaves too much to chance.

“You Don’t Need A Design, I Have It In My Head”

Some “experienced old hands” will try to tell you they’ve done enough remodels without a design that they can work without one. The problem is this inevitably leads to ‘ad-hoc’ decisions made on the fly. It’s stressful, and it can lead to results that disappoint you.

Getting Exactly What You Want

Our design consultation is something clients tell us is one of their favorite parts of the process. They begin to see the project coming together in the way they envisioned it. Clients often say how fun it is and how much they appreciate that our designers really listen to them.

All in all, it’s a relaxed design process, filled with creative ideas and concrete solutions.

The end result is you’ll see exactly what your project will look like BEFORE you ever start the project, which is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you want.

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